This article is about a/an monster in Power Rangers Zeo, the second installment in the Zordon Era.
"I'm withering."
―Defoilater words before shrink into human sized.
"Nothing can stop the Defoliator!"
―Defoliator's final words before his death[src]

Defoliator was a heat-manipulating robot scorpion monster who made the weather scorching hot in Angel Grove by destroying plants to produce a greenhouse effect. He was seemingly destroyed by the Zeo Megazord; however he only reduced to normal size. While the weather did cool down after the Zeo Megazord's victory; Defoliator started a new attack on Angel Grove and the Rangers. Zordon pointed out that the Rangers couldn't risk Defoliator growing, so Billy powered up the Zeo Blaster and Defoliator was gone for good.

Defoliator was seen among the monsters that received the Neo-plutonium, but he did not fight.A Golden Homecoming

Defoliator was seen as an audience member in Prince Gasket's Machine Arena.King for a Day

Powers and abilities

  • Strength-Defoliator is a decently strong monster, being able to flip Rocky and Adam over him when they leapt at him. He was also able to throw kat down the stairs just by her head and grab Tanya by the leg when she kicked him and throw her down the stairs they were fighting on.
  • Durability-Defoliator has very thick metal skin that allowed him to shrug off blasts from the Zeo II Battle Helmet and survive the Zeo Megazord finisher and his subsequent explosion without getting a scratch on him. When small, being jump kicked in the face by may and Tanya had no effect.
  • Fighting Skill-Deflliator is a extremely great fighter, easily overwhelming kat and Tanya and later even overpowering Tommy when the guys showed up.
  • Lightning Blasts-Defoliator can fire blue lightning from the horns on his face that caused a large explosion in front of the girls but were unaffected because the guys showed up. When they came from the ones stop his head, they blasted back the girls.
    • Electrocution-Deflliator can also charge up his horns with that energy to jab into his enemies and electrocute them.


  • Pincer Arms-Defoliator has large brown pincers for hands that he can use in combat.
    • Electrocution-Like the horns on the front of his face, Defoliator can electrocute hi is enemies with his pincers although these are far less powerful.
  • Tail-Being a scorpion themed monster, Defoliator has a large barbed tail that he can use to attack. A single swing of it knocked back Tanya.
    • Dart Blasts-Defoiliator can fire yellow energy darts at his enemies that are powerful enough to cancel our the Zeo II Battle Helmet's energy blasts.

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