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"I'm withering!"
―Defoliator's final words before his first destruction.[src]

Defoliator was a heat-manipulating robot scorpion monster who served as the main antagonist of the third and final part of the the three part episode "There's No Business Like Snow Business".


Defoliator was part of a two part attack strategy conceived by Queen Machina to take over Angel Grove whilst the Zeo Rangers were skiing in the mountains. After the destruction of Robocupid, Klank and Orbus sent him to Earth and made Defoliator grow. Once giant, Defoliator made the weather scorching hot in Angel Grove by destroying plants to produce a greenhouse effect.

The Rangers were sent in to fight him using their Zeo Megazord but he proved too much for it, defeating it by stabbing and electrocuting it using his horns. However, Tanya summoned the Zeo II Battle Helmet which stopped his energy blasts and then stunned him with a hit to the face before flying up and kicking him back. Kat activated the Zeo I Battle Helmet which knocked him over with a tornado and blasted him before Tommy summoned the Zeo V Battle Helmet. Defoliator charged but was cripplingly wounded by a strike across the front from the Zeo Megazord Saber and seemingly destroyed by the Zeo Megazord finisher.

However, he survived although the weather did cool down after the victory. Defoliator later started a new attack on Angel Grove and the Rangers. Kat and Tanya were the only ones available to respond at the time, since the boys were helping Tommy Oliver with his date, and fought him but were easily overpowered. Eventually, the boys were forced to intervene and they fought the monster to a stalemate. Zordon pointed out that the Rangers couldn't risk Defoliator growing, due to it possibly dooming the city if not the planet, so Billy powered up the Zeo Blaster using the Power Chamber's power cells and Defoliator's days of global warming were over for good. Tvicon.png TV STORY-There's No Business Like Snow Business

Defoliator was seen among the monsters that received the Neo-plutonium, but he did not fight. Tvicon.png TV STORY-A Golden Homecoming

Defoliator was seen as an audience member in Prince Gasket's Machine Arena. Tvicon.png TV STORY-King for a Day


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Powers and Abilities


  • Localised Global Warming: Defoliator can cause the temperature of an environment to increase dramatically although how he does this is obviously because he uses thermal control circuits added to his weapon systems. This also becomes very dangerous the larger that he is.
  • Lightning Blasts: Defoliator can fire blue lightning from the horns on his face that caused a large explosion in front of the girls but were unaffected because the guys showed up. When they came from the ones that stop his head, they blasted back at the girls.
  • Electrocution: Defoliator can charge up his front horns with blue energy energy to jab into his enemies and electrocute them.


  • Strength: Defoliator is a decently strong monster, being able to flip Rocky and Adam over him when they leapt at him and could was also able to throw Lat down the stairs just by her head.
  • Durability: Defoliator has very thick metal skin that allowed him to shrug off blasts from the Zeo II Battle Helmet and survive the Zeo Megazord finisher and his subsequent explosion without getting a scratch on him.
  • Fighting Skill: Defoliator is a extremely great fighter, easily overwhelming kat and Tanya and later even overpowering Tommy when the guys showed up.


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  • Pincer Arms: Defoliator has large brown pincers for hands that he can use in combat.
    • Electrocution: Like the horns on the front of his face, Defoliator can electrocute hi is enemies with his pincers although these are far less powerful.
  • Tail: Being a scorpion themed monster, Defoliator has a large barbed tail that he can use to attack. A single swing of it knocked back Tanya.
    • Dart Blasts: Defoliator can fire yellow energy darts at his enemies that are powerful enough to cancel out the Zeo II Battle Helmet's energy blasts.

Behind the Scenes



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  • Defoliator is one of only two monsters in the series that survived the Zeo Megazord's finisher, the other being Impursonator.
    • He is however the only monster that survived it after exploding since Impersonator absorbed the energy and threw it back without any explosion.
  • Defoliator is one of the most powerful monsters in Power Rangers Zeo, having a wide arsenal of abilities, and overpowering all five Rangers with almost no effort. and nearly destroying Angel Grove through localized global warming.
  • In Ohranger, Bara Darts was defeated by the counterpart to the Zeo V Power Sword which is why a red energy slash hits him instead of the Zeo Blaster's trademark yellow energy ball.
  • In Ohranger, he was first defeated by the Star Riser's Secret Sword: Super-Power Riser attack and then by Ohranger Robo's Super Crown Crash. The reason that it was switched for Zeo was to add in the love plot that existed to both fill time in a three part episode and to explain the boys being absent.
  • The reason that they girls were only able to fight in Ohranger was because Bara Darts' main power in Ohranger was firing darts from his tail that could make things rust. The remnants of this dropped power can be seen when he fired those energy blasts at the Zeo II Battle Helmet.
    • The reasons that this power was dropped was both because of the horrifying nature of it basically rotting you to death and because it automatically demorphed the Ohrangers.


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