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"I'm Deceptron. Every time a human tells a lie, it powers up my Bolt Blaster! Muhuhuhuhaha!"
―Deceptron's first words when addressing a Buzzcam upon discovering Victor and Monty.[src]

"This isn't good!"
―Deceptron reacting to Brody, Sarah, and Calvin coming at him and his final words before his initial defeat.[src]

"Yes! It's payback time!"
―Deceptron upon being gigantified.[src]

"Oh no! The truth hurts!"
―Deceptron's final words before his destruction.[src]

Deceptron was a Frankenstein's Monster/flashlight/bolt-themed contestant who was the main antagonist of the episode "Moment of Truth".


Deceptron is sent by Madame Odius to use his signature Bolt Blast to render the Ninja Power Stars unusable and thus very easy to steal. Deceptron is first seen in front of a gift shop-like area where Victor and Monty are buying sunglasses. His Bolt Blaster powers up as Monty lies to Victory about his "new" sunglasses before he spots the Ninja Steel Rangers and does the same when Calvin lies to Hayley. He encounters the Rangers and, right before the Rangers can morph, Deceptron uses his Bolt Blaster to fire out a Bolt Blast at Hayley's Ninja Power Star, preventing her from morphing. He escapes back to the Warrior Dome where he gloats to the crowd of how Hayley can't morph. Odius complains of how he only did one Ranger to which he says that he will wait until the Rangers tell more lies so that his Bolt Blaster can power up and then steal all of the Ninja Ranger's Power Stars. He comes back and absorbs even more lies from Calvin and, after his Bolt Blaster charges up again, he encounters Brody, Calvin, Preston and Levi again. They morph and do battle with Deceptron but he is too strong and fires his Bolt Blast at Levi and Preston, demorphing them and sabotaging their Power Stars. Though he runs out of energy for his Bolt Blast, he is still strong enough to attempt to steel the Ninja Power Stars. Luckily for the others, Sarah arrives on her Mega Morph Cycle and takes him down with a Plasma Blast so Deceptron has to retreat. However, Deceptron's plan backfires when Calvin tells the truth of how he hasn't given Hayley a present, causing the bolts to be removed. Deceptron then goes to a city and absorbs even more lies from Monty. Once filled up, he continues his mission to find the Rangers, though the Rangers find him and then morph, much to Deceptron's shock and confusion, to take him on and he summons an army of Basherbots to aid him in battle. As most of the Rangers battle the Basherbots, Brody and Calvin battle Deceptron but he overpowers both. Sarah joins in and Brody turns into the Lion Fire Red Ranger and takes on the monster. Deceptron then hones in on the Ranger and fires his Bolt Blast in point-blank range at the Red Ranger but, right before his attack can have any effect, Calvin uses his Element Star Ninja Water Attack to shield and reflect the Bolt Blast back at Deceptron, completely stunning him and allowing Sarah to fire her Ninja Battle Morpher Arrow Blast at the Bolt Blaster, destroying it. Deceptron is then destroyed when she and Calvin use their Steel Slash alongside Brody's Lion Fire Strike Final Attack.

Deceptron is then gigantified so the Rangers summons the newly returned Ninja Steel Megazord, Bull Rider Megazord and the Lion Fire Megazord to battle Deceptron. Equipped with the new Ninja Super Steel Mode, they overwhelm him with the Lion Fire Megazord's shurikens before hitting him with a slash from the Dragon Sword and a blast from the Rodeo Rapid Fire. However, he survives all of this so they form the Ninja Ultrazord to use its Ninja Ultra Strike but it isn't enough. Deciding to up their game, Calvin summons the new Ninja Super Steel Blaster which powers up the Ninja Ultrazord Blast Final Attack enough to destroy Deceptron once and for all.


Deceptron's personality was quite similar to that of a robot as he usually spoke in a calm robot tone but was quite cocky, always boasting about his power.

Powers and Abilities


  • Teleportation: Deceptron could teleport to any location at will.
  • Shoulder Lightning Blast: Deceptron could fire a blast of light green colored lightning from the two sets of screws in front of his shoulder pads.
  • Basherbot Summoning: Deceptron could summon an army of Basherbots to aid him in battle.
  • Bolt Blast: Deceptron's signature attack where he was able to absorb human lies and convert them into a powerful yellow energy ray released from his Bolt Blaster. The energy beam could de-morph any Ranger it hit, leaving purple bolts on the Power Stars that rendered them useless.
    • Powerful Bolt Blast-Deceptron could also make the Bolt Blast larger, increasing its strength and size, making it even powerful enough to hold back Lion Fire Red.
    • Paralysis-Deceptron having his own Bolt Blast reflected back at him rendered him completely helpless and immobile.


  • Hand to Hand Combat-Deceptron was able to fight five Power Rangers off at once.
  • Strength: Deceptron was shown to be very powerful, able to overpower the Rangers easily and could take down Calvin and Sarah with a single punch each which sent them flying.
  • Durability: Deceptron had incredibly thick skin that easily withstood strikes from the Lion Fire Megazord, an energized slash from the Ninja Steel Megazord, and the Bull Rider Megazord's Rodeo Rapid Fire with little reaction. Even the Ninja Ultrazord's Ninja Ultra Strike had absolutely no effect on him, except for making him stumble back.


  • Lying Reliance: Deceptron was shown that he could only absorb energy from lies to fill up his Bolt Blaster so he needed lies to use it. If the Bolt Blaster was out of energy, it cannot be used and must be refilled.
  • Truth-Deceptron's bolts relied upon liars never being honest and vanished when the liars told the truth and made the Power Stars usable.
  • Reflected Bolt Blast-Deceptron was very vulnerable to his own Bolt Blast since, when it was reflected back at him, it paralyzed him and rendered him helpless.


  • Fists: Deceptron lacked weapons but his immense strength made his hands very dangerous.

Behind the Scenes


  • Deceptron was voiced by Mark Wright who has voiced many previous Power Rangers villains such as Doomwing.


  • Deceptron was based upon Frankenstein's Monster and both a flashlight and a bolt.


  • His name may have been a combination of deception and Tron, both words being heavily tied to the Transformers franchise (deception: Decepticon; Tron: multiple subjects, including Cybertron and Megatron).
    • With that in mind, his name could also be a pun/portmanteau on Decepticon and their Japanese name, Destron (also the name of Kamen Rider V3's villain group).



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