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Debo Bravesky (デーボ・ブレイブスキー Dēbo Bureibusukī) is an otaku-themed Debo Monster that served under Joyful Knight Candelilla. He appeared in the special episode of Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger, which served as a collaboration with the mobile game Brave Frontier 2.[1]

Behind the scenes


Debo Bravesky was portrayed by suit actor Shosaku Inoue (井上 象策 Inoue Shōsaku).


  • He is designed by K-SuKe.[2]
  • Debo Bravesky's motif (an otaku) was seen by several few as a reference to Akihabara otaku, due to the sheer number of merchandise he had in his possession.
  • In an interesting note, his voice actor (Tomokazu Sugita) is also a real-life otaku, evidenced by him hosting the reality show Tokyo Encounter alongside his colleague Yuuichi Nakamura.
  • His name is a combination of "Brave" and "suki" (love), matching him being a huge fan of the Kyoryugers.
  • He is the only Debo Monster not to appear in Power Rangers in any shape or form, most likely having to do with a mobile game as well as Power Rangers Dino Charge having ended two years prior to his appearance.


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