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Deathdark-V (デスダークファイブ Desudāku Faibu) (45): The evil counterparts of Goggle-V; a team made of five ninja Spotmen who use a transformation technique similar to Tanuki Mozoo to become the heroes. They appear similar to the original Goggle V with slight differences: their scarfs are the colors of the uniforms instead of pure white, their weapons are black in color and their introduction pose has their arms going downwards instead of upwards like the Goggle V entry pose. However unlike the original Goggle V, they did not have the energy of the gemstones; three were defeated with the enhanced weapons (Blue Sapphire Jet Ring, Yellow Opal Megaton Ball, Pink Dia Baton); while Deathdark Red was defeated in a swordfight by Goggle Red and Deathdark Black by being smashed with Goggle Black's Black Clubs. Upon defeat, they change back to ordinary Spotmen.

Deathdark V

Ruby Deathdark Red
Emerald Deathdark Black
Sapphire Deathdark Blue
Opal Deathdark Yellow
Diamond Deathdark Pink


  • While only the second evil Sentai team to use actual Sentai suits, they are the first to fight their opposing Sentai squadron. (the Dummy JAKQ were only used to demonstrate the Scrap Army and never faced J.A.K.Q. in combat)
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