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"You know not your place, fools."
―Thanatos' first words to GoGoFive.[src]

"If I revive as a monster... please, kill me by your own hand. I'm counting on you, GoGoFive!"
―Thanatos' final words before his initial demise.[src]

"Thank you... GoGoFive..."
―Thanatos' final words before his death.[src]

Death Warrior Psyma Beast Thanatos (死神戦士サイマ獣タナトス Shinigami Senshi Saimajū Tanatosu, 33) is a killer whale-themed Saima Beast under Evil Spirit Princess Denus.


Brought forth by Denus in hopes of using her greatest warrior to gather more Minus Energy than Salamandes, his summoning is sabotaged by the Dragon Dark King who uses a counter-spell (via a knife) to enhance the Saima Beast's greatest weakness when he is brought forth. Thus when Thanatos is brought into fighting GoGoFive, he easily crushes them at first until Matsuri arrives, upon which his attacks turn out to have no effect on her and forcing him to flee. Seeing the shame that was brought on him, Shou and Matsuri decide to help Thanatos get over his woman problem by befriending him and helping him gain the ability to approach females. While making little progress, he appears to finally gather the courage to face his own leader Denus, who sees him as a disgrace (without knowing of Salamandes' sabotage) and attacks her alongside GoGoFive. In order to protect the team, Thanatos sacrifices himself, but tells Shou that the resurrection will turn him into a mindless monster and to end it as quick as possible before he finally dies and reveals the youngest Saima brother's work to the Psyma sister.

After Pierre resurrects him, the mindless ghost Thanatos attacks with Shou quickly forming Max Victory Robo and gathering the energy to blast the remains of his friend with Max Nova, granting his final wish and thus letting him die in peace.


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Powers and Abilities


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Stated to be the strongest of all Saima Beasts, his greatest ability involves the usage of his power in combat, using a double-bladed staff which he can also use as a flute, as well as strength and speed to withstand all attacks including the Hyper Five. After resurrection, he reveals he can create a massive flame from his staff.

His only weakness is his problems in attacking women, which is further enhanced due to the meddling of Salamandes.

Behind the Scenes


  • Thanatos is voiced by Akio Otsuka (大塚 明夫 Ōtsuka Akio).


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Concept Art


  • His name is the Greek word for death.


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