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"He should definitely be close by!"
―Death Stag's first words[src]

Search Psyma Beast Death Stag (探索サイマ獣 デスタグ Tansaku Saimajū Desu Stagu, 26, 42-43) is a stag beetle Psyma Beast under Dragon Dark King Salamandes

Character History

Death Stag was created by Pierre as Grandiene realized that the soul of her son Drop was missing just as he was ready to emerge as her new Dark King. Heading out into the city, Death Stag attacks only to be crushed by a mysterious boy in white who becomes protected by Matsuri. Ultimately the boy realizes that he is Drop and returns to become Grandiene's newly rechristened Salamandes, leaving Death Stag to deal with GoGoFive after initial weakness. The team crush him with their Victory Buster, then destroy him with Max Victory Robo after being revived.


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Powers and Abilities


  • His main weapon are his insect horns he uses to crush enemies, as well as a claw grappling hook and the ability to emit electricity.

Behind the Scenes

concept art



  • His name and appearance are based on a stag beetle.

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