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Deadly Skies is a comic story based on Power Rangers Super Samurai, which was printed as part of the 14th issue of Panini's UK Power Rangers Magazine.[1]



Ever since Antonio moved in, the Shiba House has gradually turned into his workshop with his tools and spare parts all over the place. As the girls are not happy with this, Mentor Ji decides to take the guys on a hike. In the Netherworld, Master Xandred has forbidden Dayu from playing her guitar so she wants to leave the ship. A new Nighlok named Vullgore appears and wants to hear Dayu's music, so they make a deal, if he destroys the Samurai Rangers he would take Dayu's place on the ship setting her free and she would play him any song he wants. Back at the house, the girls are cleaning up when the gap sensor sounds, something is right outside. Now morphed they go out to check and are attacked by Vullgore. Still on their hike, Antonio is thinking about his inventions when Jayden's wrist-watch gap sensor lights up. Now seeing the Nighlok at the house they head back to help the girls who find out by hitting Vullgore with the Yellow Ranger's Earth Slicer just makes him mad. Vullgore then releases a brain frazzling sonic squawk at the girls, with Moogers also joining the party the other Rangers arrive morphed with the Red Ranger in Super Samurai Mode. The Gold Ranger throws his new invention, the Samurai Rocket, at Vullgore but it does not explode, Vullgore then chases him so the other rangers combine their powers and take the Nighlok down. Seconds later he is back and bigger, time for the Battlewing Megazord. As both clash in mid air, Vullgore fires razor sharp feathers but as the Megazord charges at Vullgore he moves and the Megazord starts spinning out of control. Heading for the ground the Megazord is caught by the Claw Battlezord, Vullgore tries another sonic squawk but the Rangers cannot hear it inside the Megazord, so with one mighty sword attack they destroy Vullgore forever. As a result, Dayu will have to stay on the ship.[2]




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