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Deadbolar is Bader Monster "16" of the Bader Clan.

Character History

Recruited to lead a special "baseball squadron" by Queen Hedrian herself, Deadbolar is sent to destroy baseball throughout Japan, with it attacking players with its dangerous speeding baseballs to prevent them from playing. A boy decides to try and recruit the Bader Monster seeing its attack in hopes of attacking a hitter who forced his brother to go through a physical breakdown and thus making him want revenge; but Daigorou decides to protect the player in hopes of drawing out and defeating Deadbolar. After teaching the boy that his brother is being recooperated by the rival player, the Denziman face Deadbolar at Kourakuen Stadium, hitting away his balls before defeating him with the DenziStick Boomerang. After growing, DaiDenzin uses DenziBall and DenziBoomerang to wear it down and force it into its baseball mode before it is defeated by the DenziSword.


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Deadbolar's main means of attack are special baseballs (which have tennis balls within the baseball exterior) that he throws at 300km/hr, with enough speed and velocity to knock out and destroy entire baseball teams which are too fast for ordinary players but can still be hit and defeated by the Denziman. He also has a spiked bat-like kanabo with a pickax protrusion on top as a weapon, can jump high, can change his size, and can turn into a giant baseball.

Behind the Scenes


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  • Deadbolar were designed by character designer Ryuu Noguchi.


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