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Deathbird Mask

Deathbird Mask.

Deathbird Mask (死の鳥仮面 Shi no Tori Kamen) is the fifth of Black Cross Commander-in-Chief Golden Mask's Masked Monsters.

Character History

Dead Bird Mask was placed in charge of a plot to excavate a feudal treasure buried around Matsuyama Castle on the island of Shikoku, in hopes of using it for Golden Mask's plot of building the golden castle for the Black Cross Führer. After an attempt to steal a buddha which is part of the treasure, the Gorengers head to Shikoku using a clue they receive to try and figure out where it is located before it is fully excavated. However using their original clues regarding the Shikoku Pilgrimage and the site where the gold was supposed to be, they initially don't find it until they compare it with a tourist map of Shikoku, discovering the locations and thus the location both of the treasure and of Dead Bird Mask.

However as Dead Bird Mask lurks through the vicinity, Daigoro and Yoko encounter him; the Kirenger fails to stop him as he abducts Yoko and takes her to a site near where the excavation was occurring. The Gorengers reach the site, nearly become poisoned when in a gondola and save Yoko. They ultimately kill Dead Bird Mask with a Gorenger Hurricane transformed in a net to prevent him from moving when he tries to get away through flying from the site. Ep. 59: The Crimson South! The Mysterious Big Gold Plan


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Modus and Arsenal

Dead Bird Mask possesses massive jaws like that of a pterodactyl with which he can bite a person to their death. He also possesses a gun that fires "Dead Bird Poison Gas" which he uses to suffocate and poison those hit by it as well as a machete.. His boots are rocket propelled with a wing suit to allow him to fly.



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Behind the Scenes

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