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Day of the Dumpster is technically the first episode of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, filmed in 1992.[1] This episode, however was initally unaired and would not be revealed for nearly six years after the premiere of the official pilot, "Day of the Dumpster".


Five teenagers, who hang out in an average bowling alley, and occasionally use their karate skills to fend off a gang of mean bullies, are summoned to save the world by an intergalactic being named Zoltar. He gives them the power to become Power Rangers, and to call upon giant dinosaur robots called Droids to combat the forces of space witch Rita Repulsa.


The teens are hanging out at the bowling alley. Billy gives Trini some tips on getting a strike. Zack and Jason are clowning around, then turn their attention to Kimberly. The bowling ball slips out of her hands and onto a plate, getting food all over a nearby thug. The thug approaches Kimberly, and demands some form of payment, and Kimberly objects. A fight ensues, and Trini lays the thug out on the floor. Zack shows one of the thugs some of his moves, just before kicking him down. Jason takes over, and sends the thug flying down the lane. Strike! Kimberly flips out, and sends the girl thug reeling. Even Billy gets in on the action, with a nice punch to the gut.

Meanwhile, on the Moon, two astronauts open a mysterious container. The container holds Rita Repulsa, and she is now free. She wastes no time in attacking Earth. Zoltar senses that Rita has returned, and tells Alpha to initiate plan B. Alpha locates five worthy candidates to become Power Rangers, and teleports them to the Command Center. Zoltar explains to them the situation, and what they must do to defend Earth, giving them Transmorphers.

The teens aren't convinced, and they leave the Command Center. Rita sees them, and sends down Putties, who easily defeat the Rangers. Seeing it as their only escape, the Rangers pull out their Transmorphers. They are transformed for the first time into Power Rangers! They are teleported to downtown Angel Grove, where they fight an army of Putties. The monster Flyguy is transformed into a giant, and is accompanied by Goldar. The Rangers call on the Mega Dinodroid, and destroy Flyguy, as Goldar flees the battle. Dino-mite! The Rangers celebrate their first victory back at the Command Center. A legend is born... 




  • The first scene of the episode features a brief part of the Red Hot Chili Peppers's cover of the Stevie Wonder song "Higher Ground", which was removed in the aired version. Ironically, this song would end up on the soundtrack for Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie two years later. The song was used for the skydiving scene in the film.
  • Footage cut for The Lost Episode that appeared in the pilot includes numerous punches and kicks to the bad guys's heads - during the bully fight at the bowling alley, the unmorphed Putty fight, and the morphed Sentai Putty fight. The Sentai head-shots didn't end up appearing in the normal aired version of "Day of the Dumpster" either.
  • Kimberly wears a black tank top and pink shorts in this pilot. This outfit is found in the picture on the back of the first five MMPR original VHS releases as well as some of the original posters released, as well as stock drawings of the character. All the outfits they are wearing in the pilot were seen in a lot of cards and merchandise in the show's early days, but the teens were never seen wearing them on the show. In some photos taken after the pilot was filmed[2][3], Thuy Trang is shown wearing the same outfit as Audri Dubois in the pilot.
  • Billy wears different glasses in this episode. They are the same glasses found in the picture on the back of the first five MMPR original VHS releases as well as some of the original posters released.
  • Paul Schrier, who will go on to play Bulk on the show for many years, has a small role as an unnamed bully with very wild hair. Also, the lead gangster played by Bob F. Vavla would later become retooled to create Skull. According to Jason Narvy, Vavla was brought back in to portray Skull in the next pilot, but his performance was deemed "too intimidating" for Skull's comedic personality, so Narvy was cast instead.
  • The only scenes (aside from Sentai footage and the teleportation sequence) from this pilot to make it into the final version of "Day of the Dumpster" are the long shot of the five teens departing the Command Center into the mountains and the explosion in the desert when Rita fires at the teens as they walk away from the Command Center. Along with the scene, a shot of the morphed Rangers in the desert and a close-up of the two confused Putties also ends up appearing in "Foul Play In The Sky".
  • When the teens are morphing the Zyurangers can be seen holding the glowing morphers in the background.
  • When Alpha 5 briefly informed the teenagers on Zoltar and his own backstory, Zack jokingly claimed he was a Ninja Turtle.
  • The TV in the bowling alley shows an episode of Samurai Pizza Cats, an anime dubbed by Saban.
  • Rita's voice is not nearly as screechy or loud as it is in the actual series. Barbara Goodson mentioned that she was fired after her performance as Rita in the pilot because "it didn't sound angry enough". When she returned to recording, Goodson said "You want angry? I'LL GIVE YOU ANGRY!" She has used this voice for Rita ever since. She would later go on to voice Orbus, Mandilok, Prince Sprocket, Notacon, Icy Angel and Somnibot.
  • Steve Kramer (who would go on to voice Darkonda in Power Rangers in Space) voices Finster for a single line in this pilot. Robert Axelrod would replace him in the series proper. Dave Mallow uses a deeper more vampiric-sounding voice for Baboo (whose original name was Mongo) and Michael Sorich uses a deeper, more monstrous voice for Squatt (who was originally named Grock). The monster Flyguy who was renamed King Sphinx was voiced in this pilot by Tony Oliver, while in the actual series he is voiced by Richard Cansino.
  • The Command Center is slightly different too: there are bolts of lightning coming from the floor to the walls whilst in the series the walls are colored with blue, red and yellow tones.
  • Clips of the pilot were used in an early MMPR toy commercial, such as the moving building and the Rangers turning into their prehistoric animals (which in turn were taken footage from the opening of Zyuranger).
  • The footage of the scientists evacuating the building during Rita's invasion was from the first episode of Choudenshi Bioman, which marks the first and only time Power Rangers used footage from an unadapted Sentai season before Zyuranger.[4]
    • Apparently, it was a leftover clip from the Bio-Man pilot that Saban made in 1986.
  • The bowling alley used for the bowling alley scenes here would be revisited in Power Rangers Wild Force for the episode The Tornado Spin.
  • When aired as part of The Lost Episode, stock audio from the final product replaced the dinodroids' and Mega Dinodroid's name.


  • Goldar is supposed to be down on Earth, however when the scene cuts to Rita's moon base he can clearly be seen behind Rita who is about to throw her wand to Earth, which makes Goldar and Flyguy grow.

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