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Dawn of Destiny is the twenty-eighth episode of Power Rangers Time Force. It marks the return of Alex Drake since his death in Force from the Future Part 2.


Out of serum, Ransik raids Bio-Lab to steal their supply. He succeeds, and injures Mr. Collins during the break-in. Frax, who is on the run from Ransik, works on building his own giant sized robot. After fending off Ransik's forces, the Rangers are approached by Alex, who tells them that their actions are changing the future.


Ransik leads a manhunt against Frax after the latter betrayed him by destroying all the serum he had in the Cryo-Prison ship, chasing him into the woods with an army of Cyclobots and the unfrozen Serverax. Frax hides in the bushes but is found by two of the Cyclobots. However, because Frax was the creator of the Cyclobots, he convinces them to let him go and stick together as robots. The two Cyclobots let Frax go, and inform Ransik that they have found nothing. As Frax takes his leave, he is watched by the mysterious man from the year 3000. At the Clock Tower, Trip finds a polaroid camera and the Rangers have fun with it by taking funny photos, and a few group shots. However, Jen reminds them that they need to focus on the mission, growing worried that every day they stay in the year 2001 changes the future they once lived in. To prove her point, Jen explains that the serum used to counteract the poison from Venomark was not supposed to be invented until another 200 years, and it could be a danger to the timeline. Recalling that Bio Labs made the serum, Wes volunteers to go and get it back.

At Bio Labs, Mr. Collin’s advisors reveal that their sales have skyrocketed thanks to the serum, and enrollment into the Silver Guardians has doubled since its inception. Wes manages to grab a case of the serum from the lab but is stopped by Eric before he could even walk out with it. Wes tries to explain about the dangers the serum could cause, but Eric does not care, just when Mr. Collins comes in. Wes tells his father that he needs to take the serum back, but does not explain the real reason behind his decision, but Mr. Collins says that the serum belongs to Bio Labs now, just as Eric takes the case from Wes.

Back at the Cryo Prison, Ransik franticly looks for any more serum Frax could have missed, but Nadira says that she checked herself, and it is all gone. However, Nadira recalls that Bio Labs made the serum due to Venomark’s attacks, and Ransik calls his daughter a genius for that thought. Meanwhile, Wes returns empty-handed and is frustrated that his father is going to use the serum to make more profits out of it, which was Jen’s fears in the first place. Elsewhere, Frax and a squad of Cyclobots are hard at work creating a new creation, a gigantic dragon-like robot. Frax believes that with Ransik out of the way, he will have nothing standing in his way to destroy Silver Hills, all while the mysterious man watches.

Meanwhile, Ransik leads an army of Cyclobots and Serverax in a raid on Bio Labs, attacking the scientists in the hopes to find the serum. Eric orders the Silver Guardians to be on red alert and fights off a couple of Cyclobots. Ransik shoves a few Silver Guardian officers away, while a few others escort Mr. Collins to safety. However, a couple of Cyclobots keeps them busy as Mr. Collins breaks away from them. Eventually, Ransik makes his way to the lab and demands where the serum is kept. As he makes it to the casing, his mutant powers grow out of control, going to the point where he is growing metal blades from his body. However, Ransik gets to the case and drinks one of the serum vials, restoring his mutant powers back to normal. Unbeknownst to him, Mrs. Collins saw that, and confronts Ransik, saying that he would have dumped the serum himself had he knew it would help the Mutant. Ransik calls out Mr. Collins for being cold and distant towards Wes, even to the point of disowning him, but Mr. Collins retorts that despite Wes’ choices he is proud of taking charge of his own destiny. However, Ransik coldly strikes Mr. Collins with a lightning blast and walks away with the serum. Eric morphs and tries to stop Ransik, but the Mutant simply overpowers the Quantum Ranger and knocks him down before leaving. As the Silver Guardians survey the area, Eric sees Mr. Collins being carried away in a stretcher and loaded into an ambulance.

The rest of the Rangers arrive at Bio Labs on the Vector Cycles and confront Serverax and the Cyclobots. Katie confronts Serverax alone but gets overwhelmed by the Mutant until she sneaks attack with the V4 Blaster. Then, Lucas comes in to help and the two-double team against Serverax with the Chrono Sabers. Refusing to be taken in, Serverax rips off his Mutant Gene and grows giant-sized. Circuit calls for the Time Jets and the Rangers initiate the Time Force Megazord Mode Red. As the mysterious person launches the Time Shadow Zord to help them, he leaves his desk and puts on a Time Force uniform before walking away. The two Megazords toss the Time Force Megazord saber around to confuse Serverax, before combining into the Shadow Force Megazord Mode Red. Using the Shadow Force Saber, the Rangers manage to freeze Serverax with the Blizzard Slash.

Meanwhile, Eric stays with Mr. Collins all the way to the hospital until the doctors take over. Elsewhere, Frax has nearly completed his robotic creation, planning to succeed where Serverax failed. Back at the battlefield, the Rangers contain Serverax, but Jen is not in the mood for celebration as she is still worried about the possible changes in the future due to their actions. Suddenly, they see the mysterious man walk towards them, saying that history has already been shifted, before proclaiming that he is here to get it back on track. The mysterious person takes off his sunglasses and, much to everybody’s shock, reveals himself to be Alex.



  • Jen says that the cure for Venomark's poison won't be invented for 200 years, yet in the last episode Dr. Fericks had created the cure in the year 3000.
  • After Ransik cures himself at Bio Lab, green dots for where the SFX spikes appear can be seen on him.


  • This is the last time Ransik is seen suffering from Venomark's poison.
    • It's implied that the batch of serum from Bio Lab was able to cure him permanently.
  • The Rangers' mysterious ally from the future is finally identified as Alex, the original Red Ranger and Jen's fiancé who supposedly died in "Force From The Future". His survival is never explained, but may actually be a result of recent changes to the future.
    • Alex kept mentioning that the future was changing, but when the Rangers eventually go back to 3000 at the end of the series, there is nothing significantly changed.
  • This is the first time that Ransik has had an argument with another father about how to treat their offspring.
    • Mr. Collins admits to be proud of Wes for breaking away from him and forging his own destiny.
      • Had he known Ransik, who is Wes' enemy, was being helped by the serum, he would have destroyed it all himself and left the mutant to die.
  • This is the first time Alex and Wes personally meet each other.
  • The formula for the cure of Venomark’s bite is shown to have two atoms of hydrogen, one of cobalt, three of silver, one of oxygen and three of iron.

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