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Dave Red (ダベレッド DabeReddo) is one of the Inda (インダ Inda) and the leader of his team, Jark Sentai Go-Indaver, analog to Shishi Red.

Character History

―Dave Red and their team’s last word before their death[src]

Under the orders of Akyanba, Inda and his team of Indavers infiltrated the Orion to stop the Kyurangers' team of Stinger, Champ, Spada, Raptor 283, Shou Ronpo, and Tsurugi Ohtori from reaching the past and find out the secret of Don Armage. Although, he and his team were later beaten back by the untransformed Champ, Spada, and Shou, Tsurugi finished Inda and his team with his Phoenix End attack as he transformed.

Behind the Scenes


Dave Red was voiced by Tetsu Shiratori (白鳥 哲 Shiratori Tetsu) and portrayed by suit actor Masashi Takada (高田 将司 Takada Masashi).


concept art

  • As of now, Dave Red is the only known Indaver who wears a red outfit as opposed to regular Indavers.


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