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Datolar is Vader Monster "31" of the Vader Clan

Character History

Created as the Vader's ultimate assassin, Datolar first acts as a sniper in order to shoot down the Denziman in their civilian guises while hidden. When discovered by Midorikawa, he shoots him with a banking bullet that appears to kill DenziGreen, making him seem dead until he reveals he used a bulletproof vest to prevent him from hurting him.

After the failure of the first scheme and with the vouching of Hedorer that he will succeed with another chance, Datolar uses a scheme to take a bus filled with civilians, including members of the swim club at the health club, hostage in order to force the Denziman to face him. DenziRed, DenziYellow and DenziGreen try to take him down while DenziBlue and DenziPink use the gun mounted on the DenziBuggy to hold him off to prevent him from attacking them. Ultimately, Kiyama realizes that the only way to defeat Datolar is to distract him long enough to rescue the hostages; instructing Daigorou to use a special sonic gun he had created, DenziBlue fires a shot that allows for them to save the hostage and force the Vader Monster into combat. After DenziYellow uses his gun to harm Datolar again, the Denziman use the opening to perform the Denzi Lightning Fall to defeat him.

After he grows giant, Datolar uses an entire arsenal of weapons to attack DaiDenzin, continuously holding it off until it finally runs out. With no more weapons, the Denziman use exploding DenziDarts to hit his dartboard-like face until finishing him with the Electric Full-Moon Cut.


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  • As the Vader Clan's premiere assassin, it has a vast knowledge and ability in the usage of weapons for combat, being an accurate sharpshooter and using various bullets for combat, including those that can bank upon hitting a wall and those which explode in the air for distributed attacks. It uses a wide variety of guns and ballistic weapons, which it uses during its showdown with DaiDenzin.

Behind the Scenes


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  • Naming: "Dato" - "Dart"


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