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Data Chips

"Downloaded" Data Chips

Data Chips are devices created by Scrozzle and used by Evox and his minions to covertly scan for the Ranger's powers.


The Data Chips were first presented by Scrozzle as a way of motivating Roxy and Blaze to work harder in defeating the Power Rangers. The idea was to attach these to a Robotron and have them fight the Rangers so they could scan the Ranger's Beast Powers in battle. These could then be bestowed on Evox's supposed greatest general, enhancing them to the point of being unstoppable. In her first attempt to get her hands on these Cells, Roxy created Drilltron and put a Data Chip on him. He took on Ravi personally and copied his gorilla strength. Roxy retrieved the chip before Drilltron was destroyed. Thrills and Drills

Blaze attempted to create a Robotron to copy the Rangers' beast powers, however, Devon destroyed the Robotron-Maker before he could make a Robotron. After Scrozzle repaired the Robotron-maker, Roxy created Tooltron and planted the second data chip on him. Tooltron copied Zoey's Jackrabbit abilities. Although the Rangers destroyed Tooltron, the data chip survived and Scrozzle retrieved it. Tools of the Betrayed

Roxy attempted to gain the final Beast power when she created Tubatron. Although Tubatron copied Devon's cheetah speed, a Beast-X Blaster bolt struck the chip, frying its circuitry and rendering it useless. Tuba Triumph

Roxy made another attempt to gain the final Beast Power, this time planting the data chip on Burnertron. Using the last Fury Cell as bait, she tricked Devon into using his Cheetah speed, enabling Burnertron to record the cheetah data. Roxy later retrieved the data chip after Burnertron's destruction and gave it to Scrozzle.Seeing Red

Scrozzle later shrank the data chips into a single device. Despite their best efforts, Blaze and Roxy were denied their power enhancements when Vargoyle received the power-up after easily defeating Steel and retrieving a sufficient quantity of Morph X. They created an alliance to destroy Vargoyle as revenge for the theft. Gorilla Act

The data chips are presumably lost when Devon destroys Vargoyle inside the Channel 10 TV station. Rewriting History

Powers and abilities.

  • Power Scan-The Data Chips can scan and analyze a Ranger's animal DNA based abilities and store the information to later be retrieved.
  • Durability-The Data Chips withstood the explosive deaths of Tooltron and Burnertron. A direct hit from a Beast-X Blaster, however, will damage the circuitry.



  • The data chips appear exclusively in Power Rangers and never made an appearance in Go-Busters. Though they can be seen as similar to "Go-Busters" Messiah Cards, due to using monsters to gather data.
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