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Darumaotoshi Bōma (ダルマオトシボーマ Darumaotoshi Bōma) is a Boma Beast under Wandering Boma Yamimaru.

Character History

Darumaotoshi Boma was brought forth by Yamimaru to assist him in his mission of tormenting the Turboranger during their weakened state with their Plasma Shoot defeated. However while Dr. Dazai was working on a new cannon for the team, it becomes stolen by Yohei and Shunsuke in hopes of trying it out to defeat the Boma Beast and Yamimaru with it. During the experiment, the cannon sets off a massive explosion, blowing it, the Boma and even the Turboranger apart, with Blue and Yellow Turbo forced to take responsibility and to dispose of the cannon within an hour before the experimental energy Dazai used to build it exploded in a massive radius. Ultimately as the team continued to be tormented by Yamimaru and Darumaotoshi Boma and with time nearly up, Yohei and Shunsuke merely throw the remains of the cannon at him; the Boma Beast explodes with the cannon as the two dive into the water to prevent themselves from being taken with him. After Yamimaru revives and grows him, Darumaotoshi Boma tries to use his splitting abilities to attack Turbo Robo, the team uses the Kousokuken to hold him in place long enough for the Turbo Cannon to destroy him.



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His main ability is to become a "daruma doll" which uses his separate pieces to attack anyone; he can also travel around by using these pieces to roll around, tormenting people in the process while attacking them.

Behind the Scenes


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