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Daros is a Space Beast of planet Niji; it is the protector of the Nijian girl Aira but has true allegiance to the Great Star League Gozma

Character History

A Space Beast of the planet Niji who mainly attacks with huge quills that stick out from the back of his turtle-like body. However, his main ability allows for him to "absorb" the special rainbow-colored energy of Nijins; the Nijin who undertakes the absorption loses both the power and the rainbow tattoos that signify being mature, while Daros gains their ability to disrupt or seal away any power source utilized by someone he attacks with their rainbow energy. Daros comes to Earth with his Nijin ally Aira, who previously had been on the planet and thus was easily able to come back to visit with her friend Tsurugi. Absorbing her rainbow energy to allow her to appear more human, he uses it to seal Change Dragon within his suit, thus sealing him off from normal human functions like eating while likewise forcing his human body to continue to absorb the Earth Force to the point of potentially becoming lethal. This ultimately also had a negative impact on Aira: not knowing Tsurugi was Change Dragon at first, she couldn't reunite with him thinking he was nowhere to be found. However after Tsurugi finally proves to her that he is the boy she met long ago, she finally turns against Daros and uses her own laser gun to release the rainbow energy back to her and free Tsurugi from the Change Dragon suit. With her aid, the team is able to take Daros down, first with the Power Bazooka, then with Change Robo.Ep. 45: The Rainbow-Colored Girl Aira


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Modus and Arsenal

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Behind the Scenes

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