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Darkness Megabeast Mecha Smog Jouki (闇の巨獣メカ スモッグジョーキー Yami no Kyojū Meka Sumoggu Jōkī) is the dinosaur mode of Mashin Jouki (マシン ジョーキー Mashin Jōkī), an evil Mashin used by the Dark Empire Yodonheim, which originally served as the Royal Train of the Crystalia Kingdom before being commandeered by the Crystalia traitor Galza, who possibly used his Jamental to upgrade it with its dinosaur mode. Forms the limbs of King Express.

Character History


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Powers and Abilities

  • Burn Blacker (バーンブラッカー Bān Burakkā): Mecha Smog Jouki can generate black flames from the Jouki Jaws that can crack the Mashins.
  • Power: As the Crystalia Royal Train, Smog Jouki's power is high in combat and is one of the strongest machines of the Crystalia Kingdom, able to easily overwhelm Kiramaizin.
  • Laser Bolts: In its train form, Mashin Jouki can fire purple laser beams from its red eyes.
  • Rift Creation: In its train form, Mashin Jouki can create a portal to travel from Earth to Yodonheim and vice versa.


  • Jouki Jaws (ジョーキージョー Jōkī Jō): the jaws.
  • Jouki Chainsaw (ジョーキーチェーンソー Jōkī Chēnsō): the chainsaw blade at the end of the tail.


  • Mecha Smog Jouki is the second Mashin after Mashin Fire to have three different forms, and once of which is a creature form.
  • Its roar resembles a train whistle.
  • Mashin Jouki is the first onscreen Mashin to not have its alternate forms (with the exception of King Express) given by Juru.



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