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"You think I've given up? Destroy...Everything will be destroyed! Dark Beast...I offer my own blood...for you to take!"
―Darkness King Gill's final words before commiting suicide.[src]

Darkness King Gill (闇王ギル, Yamiō Giru, GoGo-V versus Gingaman) is the Psyma family's true first-born.


Having just been born, he attempted to kill Grand Witch Grandiene and was disposed of in the darkest depths of Hell. Gill survived, and ruled over the dead since then. He used his powers to transfuse his Psyma blood out of his body and replace it with new blood so he could escape from Hell and return to the surface. He targeted the Gingamen first because their Earth Power was the only thing that could hurt him and he wanted to eliminate his only threat. His goal was to summon the Infernal Dark Hell Beast and rule over Earth. He sought to accomplish this by using his minions to lure customers staying at a hotel into a special room, kidnap them, and then collect their blood. His family picked up on what he was doing and assisted him, but was not planning on letting him survive because of the danger he posed. He was wounded while fighting GoRed and GingaRed and he realized that he wasn't as invulnerable as he thought. He fatally stabbed himself with his sword, and used his own blood to complete the ritual.


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