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Darkness Clock

Darkness Clock

The Darkness Clock (闇時計 Yamidoke), created by Transcendenterfly God Deboth, is an item that serves as a countdown to Earth's destruction while opening numerous portals to Deboth Hell before the final destruction occurs.

Starting on a countdown of 50 hours, the Darkness Clock was halted when Dantetsu Kiryu made a deal with Deboss to destroy humanity and Torin while sparing the Earth itself, Brave 45: It Can't Be, Dad! Silver's End later revealed to be a ploy to get Torin into Deboth Hell so he could defeat the Debo Monster souls before their revival on the surface. When Daigo realised the truth after hearing the Earth's true melody, Deboth revealed his own deception, for he had merely stopped the Darkness Clock temporarily. The Darkness Clock continued its countdown, now with only five hours to go. Brave 46: Big Shout Out! The Attack of Tears and Love

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