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Darkness Awakening is the second episode of Power Rangers Wild Force, introducing the Wild Force Megazord.


Master Org resurfaces, and begins plotting the destruction of mankind. The Rangers discover that they can combine their Wild Zords into the Wild Force Megazord which they use to destroy Barbed Wire Org.


On the Animarium, Cole (still dressed in his jungle gear) soon gets used to his surroundings, telling Red Lion it reminds him of where he grew up. Looking at the photo of his parents, he understands that while he knows he is destined to protect nature as the Red Ranger he also wonders if there's another way to stop the Orgs as opposed to just fighting them. In Turtle Cove, a newly risen Org spirit flies around the city before inhabiting some barbed wire. This allows it to take on the monstrous form of Barbed Wire Org. He wastes no time in crushing a car with the wire and trapping the driver.

On the Animarium, Princess Shayla rises from the sacred waters telling Taylor, Max and Danny that she hasn't learned any new information about the Orgs. Max isn't worried, but Danny and Taylor are now the Orgs possess the ability to become giant. Taylor reasons that they're getting help, but obviously no idea as to who is providing it. Alyssa returns from her classes at Turtle Cove University, which she manages to squeeze around her Ranger duties. Cole also swings in, telling Taylor he knows how to deal with the Orgs. Before he can explain, the sacred waters bubble alerting them to the presence of Barbed Wire Org. They rush out to stop him.

Below the city, after much searching Jindrax and Toxica finally find the Nexus, the birthplace of all Org. Jindrax is delighted to be home after thousands of years, while Toxica marvels at the Org General statues surrounding them. The two agree that they'll resurrect their fallen fellows and form a mighty army of Orgs to allow them to conquer the Earth. Suddenly, a booming voice asks the two where's they've been as an ominous figure approaches. Jindrax and Toxica realize that it is none other than Master Org, who blasts them to the ground asking where they've been. They explain they've wandered the Earth trying to keep up his good work. Master Org starts to declare his intentions to conquer the Earth in the name of the Orgs, however while he does so Toxica tells Jindrax that while Master Org is clearly as evil as ever he looks far different to how she remembers. Jindrax reasons that the thousands of years sealed has taken their toll. Just then one of the Org monuments starts to flash, indicating an Org has rise. Master Org sends Jindrax and Toxica to meet him.

As Barbed Wire Org causes havoc in Turtle Cove, Cole tells the Rangers that the Org may just be like a wild animal driven from its home and that maybe they can come to an understanding. He figures that the Org is attacking for a reason, and if they can find out what it is then they can help it stop peacefully. Taylor, who is already far from impressed with her new leader, tells him that Orgs can't be reasoned with and storms off with Danny and Max is tow. Alyssa stays behind with Cole, who tells him that Taylor is probably right about the Orgs. While herself, Danny and Max have only been Rangers for a few months and Cole only a couple of days, Taylor has been the Yellow Ranger for over a year and understands the Orgs much better than any of them. 

Jindrax and Toxica reveal themselves to Barbed Wire Org, telling him that they've been sent by Master Org to induct him into their army. They present him with a vile looking liquid to help his destroy Turtle Cove.  Taylor continues her search for Barbed Wire Org, as Danny and Max tell her they shouldn't have left Cole behind since he's still doesn't understand how things work yet. Taylor tells him she has better things to do than babysit the newbie, and Alyssa is with him anyway so he'll be safe. Danny argues they should be with Cole since he's their leader now.

Barbed Wire Org begins attacking citizens, hoping to be selected by Master Org to become a Duke Org. He throws the liquid Toxica gave him, which transforms into an army of Putrids, the slimy and vicious foot soldiers of the Org army. Barbed Wire Org sets them onto the innocent people, as Cole and Alyssa arrive. Alyssa wants to call the others, but Cole still thinks he can get through to Barbed Wire Org. The Putrids attack, but the two Rangers fight them off allowing Cole to approach Barbed Wire Org. Cole tells the monster he just wants to talk, as Alyssa tries to make him understand it isn't like a wild animal. Cole tells her that any creature with a heart can be reasoned with if he can connect to it. He tries to reach Barbed Wire Org's heart, but finds nothing but a hissing sound. Cole is shocked to realise the creature has no heart, and Barbed Wire Org tells Cole he and other Orgs only exists to destroy. Barbed Wire Org tries to attack Cole, but Alyssa pushes him out of the way and is thrown by the monster to the ground. Cole rushes to her aid, only to take hits himself.

Before Barbed Wire Org can finish them, Taylor and the others make the save with a thrown chair. Cole is forced to admit finally that Taylor is right; the Orgs have no heart and cannot be reasoned with. Taylor reminds Cole he is their leader now and they need him to tell them what to do. Cole now understands there is only one way to deal with the Orgs and that is to destroy him. He then leads the others and the five morph. 

The Rangers take on the army of Putrids, and using their animal powers easily dispatch with the army. Barbed Wire Org tries to grab Cole with his wires, but Taylor saves him and the two double team the create. Knocking Barbed Wire Org back, the Rangers assemble the Jungle Sword and deliver a Savage Slash. This defeats Barbed Wire Org and makes him explode and disintegrate into slime. 

The battle isn't over yet, as the two Duke Orgs appear in front of them and introduce themselves. Jindrax declares himself the Master of Blades, while Toxica reveals she is the Mistress of Magic before blasting the Rangers back. Toxica then points her staff at Barbed Wire Org's remains and recites a magic spell calling on evil spirits to revive the fallen monster. Some beans shoot from the staff, which land in the slime creating vines that resurrect Barbed Wire Org into a giant.

The Rangers realize the two Duke Orgs are the reason why Org monsters can now turn giant, and summon the Wild Zords from the Animarium. Descending, the Red Lion attacks Barbed Wire Org but is blasted and thrown back. Red Lion tells Cole that the only way they can defeat the Org is to have the five Wild Zords combine. The Rangers are surprised, not knowing the Zords had this ability, but nevertheless call for them to combine. 

The Wild Zords combine together, and the Rangers jump inside. They find themselves in a cockpit created for them, with a station for each Ranger. Taking their places, Cole calls for the Zords' combined form to awaken, and they finish their transformation, creating the Wild Force Megazord for the first time. The Rangers place their Crystal Sabers into their consoles, allowing them to take control. Barbed Wire Org isn't scared and tries to attack the Wild Force Megazord, but the new mecha stands firm. The Rangers slash Barbed Wire Org with the Fin Blade, before striking him with Shark Surge and Tiger Fury punches. They then call for a Wild Force Mega Roar, which unleashes the power of all five Wild Zords in a single blast. Barbed Wire Org takes the full brunt of it, destroying him for good.

In the Nexus, Jindrax and Toxica worry about Master Org's reaction to their failure, as he approaches. Indeed, Master Org is furious, but isn't worried as the Org forces are growing stronger every instant and the humans will soon feel his wrath.

On the Animarium, as Cole sits despondently looking at the photo of his parents, the others call him over telling him they have a present for him; a bath and haircut. Picking him up, they take a struggling Cole and drop him in the sacred waters and start scrubbing as Princess Shayla, who has arrived with Cole's new Wild Force jacket, is horrified to see them using the sacred waters that way. One wash, haircut and set of new clothes later Cole looks far more presentable. Cole's only issue is with his shirt's long sleeves, which he rips off and turns into a headband. Placing it on, he is now pleased with his new look and smiles as he completes his induction into the newest Power Ranger team. 


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  • In the beginning of the episode, during a scene pulled from Sentai footage, a sign written in Japanese can be seen in a junkyard.
  • This marks the first appearance of Master Org.
  • The scene of Barbed Wire Org getting created is very different than in the source. The shot of the Org spirit approaching was deleted from the Sentai and the actual scene came much later on.
    • Also, when the Org spirit began micking the barbed wire, one shot in the Sentai was cut into three. This is both to save time (because this shot was extrenely long since it travelled through doorways and quite a walking distance for little payoff) and also because there was a shot of the cars Japanese driver inside it.

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