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Darkness Awakening is the second episode of Power Rangers Wild Force, introducing the Wild Force Megazord.


Master Org resurfaces, and begins plotting the destruction of mankind. The Rangers discover that they can combine their Wild Zords into the Wild Force Megazord which they use to destroy Barbed Wire Org.


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  • In the beginning of the episode, during a scene pulled from Sentai footage, a sign written in Japanese can be seen in a junkyard.
  • This marks the first appearance of Master Org.
  • The scene of Barbed Wire Org getting created is very different than in the source. The shot of the Org spirit approaching was deleted from the Sentai and the actual scene came much later on.
    • Also, when the Org spirit began micking the barbed wire, one shot in the Sentai was cut into three. This is both to save time (because this shot was extrenely long since it travelled through doorways and quite a walking distance for little payoff) and also because there was a shot of the cars Japanese driver inside it.

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