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Dark Wish is the eighteenth, nineteenth and twentieth episodes of Power Rangers Mystic Force. It features the debut of the Mystic Force Rangers' Legend Warrior Mode and the Manticore Megazord. It also features the Barbarian Beasts and Imperious taking control of Jenji's wish.


Lately the Rangers have become lazy and begin to use magic for everything. When Imperious releases the Barbarian Beasts, the Rangers rely on Jenji and he is captured. When Imperious makes a wish that the Power Rangers never existed, the Rangers find themselves in a world taken over by the darkness and without their magic. Now their only hope is Koragg who sends them on a quest to find the Tribunal of Magic and ask them to reverse the wish. Can the Rangers make the journey without their powers?


Part I

Madison and Vida are working a Rock Porium. Vida is using magic, unseen by the customers, to scratch a record that the customers are enjoying. Madison is busy trying to help a customer. Madison walks past Vida. Vida: Hey Maddie! Madison: Hey! Madison goes behind the counter and waits on the customer. Madison: Here you go. Oh, and don't forget, tomorrow is our big one year anniversary party. As the customer leaves, Toby stumbles out of his office, covered in streamers. Toby is having a hard time getting things ready for the party and thinks it will be a disaster. Vida and Madison walk over and assure Toby they will have everything under control. Madison, using magic, makes a cake that is exactly what Toby wants. Madison shows Toby the cake, and he begins to feel the party might be a success after all.

In the pit, Imperious summons the Barbarian Beasts. Koragg is alarmed, as they have no honor. One of them, Warmax, bumps into Koragg and tries to make Koragg apologize for bumping into him. Koragg quickly disarms Warmax and does not apologize. At Rootcore, the guys are using magic to play chess. They all agree that magic is great, they just wish they didn't have to fight evil. Chip asks Udonna about pizza, and Udonna tells them they can walk into town for one. Instead, Chip uses magic to make pizza. Udonna does not approve of such a casual use of magic and is not happy with them. Fire Heart roars from outside. Xander tosses one of the pizzas in Fire Heart's direction. Clare steps out, covered in the pizza. The guys laugh. Clare tells them they need to give her heads up, next time.

Clare begins cleaning the place. The guys tell her to just use magic since it will make the cleaning easy. Clare tells them she doesn't mind doing it the old fashioned way, she gets satisfaction out doing things with hard work leaving the guys perplexed. Daggeron hurries and tells the guys they have work to do. Daggeron tells Clare to notify the girls as they hurry out. The Rangers arrived out in a field and face down Warmax. The Rangers battle Warmax and it is a tough battle. The Rangers just want to use Jenji against Warmax, but Solaris Knight refuses to let them. The Rangers continue to battle and Yellow Ranger gets hurt. Green Ranger becomes angry and goes off Warmax, only to be toss aside as well. Solaris Knight instructs the four remaining Rangers to continue to battle Warmax as he goes to help Green Ranger. The four Rangers go to Titan mode and continue to battle. Warmax defeats them one by one. Green Ranger, in Titan mode, and Solar Streak Megazord arrive. Green Ranger battles and destroys Warmax. The teens return to Rootcore, with Chip still injured. Udonna is concern. Vida and the rest are upset. Vida wants to know why they just can't use Jenji to wish the evil away. Daggeron tells them they can't. There is another battle waiting. Daggeron has Madison, Vida, Nick, and Xander leave. Daggeron tells Chip he can join them when he is feeling better. The four teens and Daggeron leave.

Solaris Knight, Red Ranger, Pink Ranger, Blue Ranger, and Green Ranger run through the woods and soon come across Shrieker. The Rangers and Shrieker battle. The battle is difficult and the four Rangers go to Titan Mode, while Solaris Knight forms his Solar Streak Megazord. Back at Rootcore, Udonna is watching the battle intently through the crystal ball. Udonna tells Chip the battle will test the Rangers, but when she gets no response, Udonna realizes that Chip is gone. Necrolai arrives on the battle front and mocks the Rangers. Yellow Ranger arrives to help the rest of the Rangers battle Shrieker. The battle continues to be difficult. Yellow Ranger manages to takes on Shrieker. Shrieker delivers a powerful blow to Yellow Ranger, which causes him to demorphs. The rest of the Rangers used their powers as one and destroy Shrieker. Unseen by anyone, Koragg watches the battle and wonders what Imperious is up to. Necrolai flies away. The rest of the Rangers race to Chip's side. Although they won the battle, they feel it would have gone a lot better if they could just have used Jenji, much to Solaris Knight's dismay. Daggeron finds Udonna and they wonder why the Barbarian Beasts are battling the Rangers one by one. Udonna comments that the Rangers are getting battle weary and using magic as the easy way to do things. Udonna continues by telling Daggeron this is a dangerous time in their development. Daggeron comments that it is a dangerous time for them all. The teens return to Rootcore, where Toby has left instructions for them on decorating for the party. The teens groaned and want to simply use magic. Madison thinks it's a little impersonal, but she is out voted and goes along. In the pit, Imperious meets with 50 Below and Fightoe, the two remaining Barbarian Beasts. Imperious tells them their comrades sacrifice is appreciate and makes known to the two that he plans to overthrow the Master. Fightoe and 50 Below tell Imperious that Koragg is too loyal to the Master to go with the plan. But Imperious has a plan for Koragg as well. Koragg is in the woods when 50 Below and Fightoe confront him. 50 Below, Fightoe, and Koragg battle. It is an intense battle and Koragg is soon knock to the ground. 50 Below and Fightoe leave the fallen Koragg, confident that he will no longer be a problem. In the pit, Imperious is thrilled that Koragg is finally out of the way. Back in the woods, hidden and unseen, Phineas realizes he is yet witness to another scene where there should be no witnesses.

The following day, the party has started at Rock Porium. Everyone is having a good time, with the exception of Leelee. Toby is called on stage to make a speech and is cheered on by everyone. In the woods, Phineas cautiously approaches the fallen figure of Koragg. Phineas says a few words about Koragg. Phineas notices Koragg's sword and walks towards it. Phineas is about to take the sword, when his wrist is grabbed by Koragg. Phineas is very surprised and then apologizes. Phineas tells Koragg he will come back later. As Phineas walks away, Koragg falls to his knees and calls upon Phineas to help him. Very reluctantly, Phineas stays to help Koragg. Back at Rock Porium, Toby is making his speech. The teens are enjoying the party until their morphers go off. The teens slipped away just as Toby is thanking them for their help. The Power Rangers are soon facing down 50 Below and Fightoe. The Power Rangers battle Fightoe and 50 Below. It is a fierce battle and the Rangers, except for Solaris Knight, are exhausted. The Rangers plead with Solaris Knight to use Jenji. Against his better judgment, Solaris Knight uses the Jenji's Shining Attack. The Rangers are stunned when Fightoe deflects the blast and then captures Jenji. 50 Below and Fightoe then give a powerful blow that knocks Solaris Knight off the dock and into the water. Fightoe and 50 Below mock the Rangers on how easy it was to defeat them and then vanished through a dark seal. The defeated teens and Daggeron return to Rootcore. Udonna is furious at the teens, although they claim they had no choice but to use Jenji. Madison and Chip wonder, fearfully, what wish Imperious will make. In the pit, Imperious congratulates his two new generals, 50 Below and Fightoe. Necrolai is thrilled as well. Imperious releases Jenji from his bottle. Jenji tells them he can grant one wish, and Imperious wishes the Mystic Force Rangers never existed. Jenji has no choice but to grant the wish.

The teens leave Rootcore through the tree in front of the Rock Porium. Everyone, except Chip, makes it through. Chip's foot is tuck and his friends have to tug hard on Chip to free him from the tree. The teens all land in a pile on the ground and laugh. As they get up, they noticed dark clouds coming over the city. Even stranger, all color has vanished from Briarwood. At Rootcore, Daggeron, Udonna, and Clare raced over to the crystal ball, which shows darkness. Daggeron asks what is going on and Udonna tells him it's like the whole world has gone evil. Clare screams. Daggeron has vanished & evaporated in smoke. Dark magic seeps out of the crystal ball and heads towards the terrified Clare and Udonna.

Part II

The teens continued to gaze around Briarwood, noting all the changes. Madison: Oh no! Nick: The Rock Porium! Vida sees someone pushing a shopping cart and thinks she recognizes him. Vida: Toby? It is indeed Toby, who is now broke and a homeless person and Toby walks up to them. Toby: Hey guys! Toby talks to the teens, who are happy to see him. Toby asks who is the new guy, referring to Nick. The teens laughed, thinking Toby is joking with them. But Toby is serious. The teens ask Toby what has happened to Briarwood, and all of the color. Toby tells them how four months ago, the darkness came and took over. Nick realizes that is the same time frame he came into town. Not only is there no color, but music is banned as well. Toby has a miniature music box, which he plays for them. Several Styxoids and Hidiacs hear it and come over. They grab Toby and destroy his miniature music box. The teens become angry and are ready to morph, but in shock, their morphers are gone. The teens decide they need to go to Rootcore to find out more information about what happened to the whole world. Nick leads the way to the tree. But instead of going through the tree, Nick bangs his head on the tree and his friends catch him. The teens are aware that something is seriously wrong with Briarwood.

Imperious is pleased that his plan has worked so perfectly. Imperious is also happy that the teens are the only ones with memories of what they used to be, to torment them further. The teens reach Rootcore and are dismayed to see it is destroyed. Xander picks up pieces of the Xenotome. As they wonder what happened, Udonna, in the form of an old hag and wore rags, approaches them. Udonna wants them to go away and it is soon apparent that she does not recognize them. The teens tell her they are the Mystic Force Power Rangers, but Udonna tells them that no warriors came. Udonna had waited and waited and only darkness came. Clare walks towards Udonna, relieved to have found her. The teens are happy to see Clare, but Clare does not recognize them. Clare wants them to leave her and Udonna alone. Xander said that they never harmed her. This shocked Clare and angrily said, "You must be one of them!" The teens ask Clare if she can tell them what has happened to Rootcore, Briarwood, her and Udonna. Clare tells them there is no good magic in the world. The teens walk away. They are devastated at all they have lost. Koragg suddenly drops down and faces them. The teens get into a ready battle stance.

Koragg slams his sword into the ground. Koragg tells the teens he wants to work with them. Nick can't believe. Nick grabs the sword and is ready to battle Koragg, but is stopped by his friends. They remind Nick that they have no magic, and it couldn't hurt to hear what Koragg has to say. Madison gives Koragg his sword back. Koragg asks them what is the last thing they remember. The teens tells him about battling 50 Below and Fightoe, Solaris Knight using Jenji, and Jenji being captured. Koragg quickly pieces together what has happened and tells them that Imperious has made the wish that there are no Mystic Force Power Rangers. The teens realized that what has Koragg has said makes sense. Koragg wants to help the teens. Nick is still dubious. Koragg tells them that 50 Below and Fightoe are without honor. Nick realizes that Koragg still wants to dark magic to win, but only if it's done nicely. Nick laughs and Koragg steps right in front of him. Koragg tells Nick without honor, there is no meaning. The teens decide to accept Koragg's help. Koragg tells them of the Tribunal of Magic in another dimension. Koragg tells them they can request that the wish is reverse. Koragg cannot accompany them, as he is without magic as well. The teens decide to accept Koragg's help. Koragg leads them through the woods, until they reach Fire Heart. The teens are thrilled to see Fire Heart and raced up. Fire Heart roars at them. The teens are upset, as they had raised Fire Heart since he was an egg. Koragg tells them that is not the case. The teens had never found the dragon egg, he did and raised Fire Heart. Koragg commands Fire Heart to take the teens to the dimension. The teens clambered onto Fire Heart. As they fly away, Koragg tells them to go with honor. Phineas walks up to Koragg and asks Koragg is the teens where the ones he was talking about. Koragg tells him yes. Koragg also tells Phineas that their alliance is over. Koragg walks away. A sad Phineas tells Koragg's retreating back, goodbye friend. The teens ride along Fire Heart. Chip is quite excited over the whole adventure. The pleasant ride ends with Necrolai attacking them. Fire Heart and Necrolai battled each other, with Fire Heart winning. The teens cheered. There is an portal ahead of them, and the teens and Fire Heart fly through it. Fire Heart and the teens land in another dimension. The teens are uneasy. Chip decides he no longer likes this adventure and would like to go home. Fire Heart flies away and the teens are stuck in a strange place.

The teens start walking, wondering if they are going in the right direction. They stop when a warrior suddenly appears. The teens get into a ready fight stance, but Xander believes he can get everything under control. Xander steps forward, introduces himself, and mentions that they had arrived on a dragon. Xander tells the warrior they are looking for the Tribunal of Magic. The warrior tells them they are going in the right direction. The teens are relieved. The warrior then tells them that before they could go any further, they have to battle all the previous warriors who had tried, but failed to get to the Tribunal of Magic. Numerous warriors appear on the horizon. The teens prepare for battle. The teens battled the various warriors. It is a difficult battle, but eventually the teens defeat all the warriors. The original warrior hands Nick a key and vanishes. The teens, once more, began walking. They come across two doors, one white, one black. Two doors that lead nowhere. The teens are puzzled. Madison takes the key from Nick, and walks to the white door. Madison turns the key, and the white door opens. The white door reveals Briarwood restore, with color and music once more. The teens are very happy and anxious to go home. Madison stops them. Madison tells them that she knows this sounds strange coming from her, but if this door leads to a happy Briarwood, then it is not the door for them. Xander agrees, it doesn't sound like Madison however Nick agrees with her, telling his friends they can't just take the easy way out like they've been doing lately... if they choose the easier route, then they truly deserve to be without magic. Everyone agrees, and Madison closes the white door, causing it to disintegrate. Madison walks back to her friends. Chip takes the key and unlocks the black door. The black door reveals a vortex. Chip asks his friends what if it leads them to something worse. Nick replies that then it leads them to something worse. One at a time, the teens walk through the black door. The teens emerge from a small pool of water, but they are not wet. The teens see ahead of them, three figures, each draped in a color, red, black, and white. The teens realized this is the Tribunal of Magic. The Tribunal of Magic congratulates them. They are the first to make it this far in three centuries. The teens walks towards the Tribunal of Magic. The black figure continually tries to shoo them away. The other two members are willing to listen to the teens, since they have made it this far. Xander attempts to introduce himself, but the black figure does not care about names. Xander, abashed, tells Nick maybe he should take this one. Nick tells them of their battle and how Imperious wished there were no more Mystic Force Power Rangers. Now their world is without color, music, and any good magic. The Tribunal of Magic asks Nick whose fault this was. Nick declares it was no one's fault, it just happened. The Tribunal of Magic wants to know if there is any magic. The teens tells them there is dark magic and are surprised that the Tribunal of Magic is okay with this. The Tribunal of Magic does not care whether the magic is good or dark, just as long as there are magic. The Tribunal of Magic dismisses them. The teens start to walk away, but are stopped by the Tribunal of Magic. The Tribunal of Magic asks them what they would do if they could have their magic again. The teens each give an example, just as fighting Imperious, restoring Briarwood and Rootcore, and for Chip's, he gets his cape back. The Tribunal of Magic decide to hold a meeting. The teens wait anxiously. The Tribunal of Magic gathered together and talk quietly among themselves and then they return to their original positions. The red figure tells them of how they stated their case, and goes on. The teens began to feel hope until the red figure tells them they will not reverse the spell. The teens are devastated. Nick starts to argue with the Tribunal of Magic, but they whisk them back to Briarwood.

The teens look around and see several of the citizens being rounded up by several Hidiacs and Styxoids. Vida can't believe they had gone all that way and lost. The teens are upset and have given up hope. Watching them is the Tribunal of Magic. The white figure tells them no, don't give up, even though the teens cannot hear her. The black figure tells the others two that is what humans do when things get tough, they give up. The red figure thinks maybe their judgment was the right one. A Styxoid approaches the teens and soon has them walking single file, along with the rest of the citizens of Briarwood.

Part III

As the teens are lead through the city, they see misery everywhere. Styxoids and Hidiacs continue to lead the citizens of Briarwood through the city. Styxoid: Keep going! The citizens struggle to keep moving. Styxoid: Move it! Necrolai: Any human who doesn't obey the law, will be taken to the mines. You live only to serve us now. The teens are dejected. Toby comes out of his hiding place, and plays his small music box. Toby is immediately grabbed by several Styxoids and Hidiacs. Necrolai tells Toby he had already been warn.

The Tribunal of Magic are still observing the events in Briarwood. The Tribunal of Magic sees Necrolai and they asked the black figure if she is a relative of his. Nick decides he doesn't care if he has magic, he is going to fight. Nick runs over to where Toby is being held and fights off some of the Styxoids and Hidiacs. Nick tells Toby to run, which Toby does. Madison, Vida, Chip, and Xander have also had enough. They race towards the Styxoids and Hidiacs. The Tribunal of Magic is still watching the events. The white figure and the red figure want to reward the teens for battling without magic. But the decision has to be unanimous and the black figure has not said a word. Meanwhile, the teens keep battling the Hidiacs and Styxoids. Eventually the teens have to face down Necrolai and her army. The Tribunal of Magic has decided to reward the teens. Color is restored to Briarwood, along with the teens' magic. In the woods, Udonna and Clare are reverted back to their normal selves. Rootcore is restored. Daggeron steps out of Rootcore and asks Udonna and Clare what is going on. Udonna and Clare grin. Meanwhile the teens morph and the Power Rangers battled the numerous Hidiacs and Styxoids. In the pit, Imperious is furious that the Power Rangers are back. As the Rangers battle, Red Ranger rescues Toby and urges him to run. Which Toby does. Meanwhile, in the pit, Leelee founds the lamp that Jenji is in. Leelee rubs the lamp and Jenji appears. Leelee is thrilled and tries to figure out what to wish for. Jenji notices that Leelee is biting her nails and tells her she shouldn't do that. Leelee tells him it is a nervous habit and she wished she didn't bite her nails. Jenji grants the wish, despite Leelee's protests. Jenji vanishes as Leelee sees her very long nails and screams. Back at Briarwood, Necrolai casts a spell that make Fightoe grow very large. The Power Rangers form their Titan Megazord and the battle continues. With their zord, the Rangers destroy Fightoe's staff. In the pit, Koragg is furiously looking for Fightoe and 50 Below. Imperious pretends to be on Koragg's side and know nothing of Fightoe's and 50 Below's plan to destroy the Master. Koragg leaves to find them. Imperious smirks as he tells a hidden Fightoe to continue with their plan.

There is a joyful reunion at Rootcore, as everyone is thrilled that things have returned to normal. Daggeron is impressed that the teens had the courage to seek the Tribunal of Magic and surprised that Koragg had helped them. Udonna warns the happy group that two Barbarian Beasts are still at large. Moments later, the crystal ball alerts them to this problem. The teens and Daggeron morph and face 50 Below and Fightoe. The Power Rangers battled 50 Below and Fightoe. During the battle, Solaris Knight is demorphed. 50 Below mocks Daggeron, telling him he thought fighting a knight would be harder. Koragg arrives and asks him about two. Daggeron is surprised. Koragg tells him 50 Below and Fightoe are for him to battle. The Tribunal of Magic is still watching and they know of Koragg. They comment that Koragg works on the side of dark magic, but he battles with honor, unlike 50 Below and Fightoe. Koragg continues his battle with 50 Below. Daggeron and Jenji take cover during the battle. The Rangers battle Fightoe and soon end up on the ground. As the Rangers struggle to get up, they realize they should have battled harder in the beginning and that they had become lazy - what the Tribunal of Magic had tried to tell them. The Tribunal of Magic are pleased when the Rangers realize this and reward them with Legend Warrior Mode. Fightoe, 50 Below, and Koragg are impressed by the new power of the Rangers. Daggeron realizes only the Tribunal of Magic could have grant the Rangers these powers. After the Rangers display their new power, Fightoe panics and abandons 50 Below. 50 Below battles the Rangers on his own. The Power Rangers destroy 50 Below. Koragg picks up a piece of 50 Below and comments when you fight without honor, you fall without honor and then walks away. Later, at Rootcore, Udonna and Daggeron are looking at the Xenotome. Udonna is impressed with all the new power the Rangers have. Daggeron comments that they will need it. Meanwhile, Fightoe returns to the pit. Imperious is not happy to see him. Imperious casts a spell that makes Fightoe vanish.

Fightoe reappears in the Nether dimension. Fightoe realizes, too late, that Imperious has tricked him. Imperious laughs and tells Fightoe he should know better than to trust him. Imperious casts another spell and Fightoe is merged into a creation of Imperious'. At Rootcore, the crystal ball shows Udonna and Daggeron there is trouble in the Nether dimension. Daggeron leaves immediately, with his train and Jenji. Solaris Knight wants to prevent the strange creature from entering the surface world. Solaris Knight quickly forms the Solar Streak Megazord and Solaris Knight and Jenji battle the creature. But it is not enough and soon the battle ends up in Briarwood. The rest of the Rangers want to help, but do not know what to do. Udonna contacts Red Ranger and tells him they can form a new Megazord with the Mystic Firebird and Mystic Lion. The Rangers power up to Legend Warrior Mode and use the code for the Mystic Firebird and Mystic Lion. The Rangers quickly form their new Megazord. The Rangers battle and destroy the creature. The Rangers demorph and are thrilled with their new victory. Vida points out they can still make it to Toby's party. Koragg appears before them. Koragg tells the teens their alliance is no more. Madison points out that it doesn't have to be that way. Koragg insists that he only wants to serve the Master. Nick tells Koragg they understand, but Koragg needs to understand they have more power now. Koragg tells him that will only make his victory sweeter before turning and leaving them.

Toby is at Rock Porium, continuing with his long winded speech. The customers are getting bored and restless. Toby confesses that he doesn't know what happened to his employees. Just then, Vida, Madison, Chip, Nick, and Xander walk in, carrying a very messy cake that was clearly made the traditional way (showing that the team have learned they can't use magic to make their lives easier). They told Toby this is the reason why they are so late. The cake might be a mess, but Toby loves it. Toby decides to make a wish and the teens scream at him not to which they think he might give it to Jenji.




  • In Part II, during the fight with the warriors who failed to reach the Tribunal, it's raining on the scenes with Vida, but not the other rangers. Her hair is wet while in the battle, but dry right after the fight's over.


  • This three-parter involving the Barbarian Beasts was taken from a much longer story-arc in Magiranger of five episodes.
  • Part II features no Sentai footage.
  • John Tui (Daggeron) does not appear in Part II, due to the fact that he's been evaprorated and vanished into thin smoke.
  • This marks the return of the Mystic Speeder as well as its final appearance.
  • Necrolai being implied to be related to the Black Mage of the Mystic Tribunal would suggest he is a mole from the underworld, or possibly just corrupt in his own way. This could explain why he is most reluctant to reverse the dark wish, and perhaps also implicate that he somehow coerced, or otherwise convinced the other Mages to refuse the Rangers at first.
  • Assuming the Black Mage is indeed working undercover for Imperious, the other mages would have discovered his corruption immediately before undoing the Dark Wish. If he were acting alone, then he'd relented on the Tribunal's initial choice without fear of any form of punishment from Imperious, to say the least.

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