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"I shall not fail."
―The Dark Warrior's first words after being instructed to aid Squatt, Baboo, and Goldar in stealing away Uncle Howard's formula.[src]

"You fools don't have a chance! I am the Dark Warrior!"
―The Dark Warrior when confronted by the Power Rangers.[src]

"This is your last chance! Surrender!"
―The Dark Warrior upon being grown.[src]

"Prepare for your destruction!"
―The Dark Warrior reacting to the Dinozords forming the Megazord in Tank Mode and his final words before his destruction.[src]

Dark Warrior was an army-colored ninja frog monster who served as the eponymous main antagonist of the episode of the same name.

Character History

The Dark Warrior is created by Finster to be used as muscle to capture Trini's uncle Howard and make him give Rita the formula of invisibility. With it, the Power Rangers will be unable to detect the Evil Space Aliens and will be incredibly easy to destroy. Dark Warrior, with an army of Putties, captures Howard and threaten to kill him with a bomb in a cave unless he reveals the formula of invisibility. Howard refuses and the monster ties him to the bomb to kill him and sends Trini a letter to give him the formula if she ever wants to see her uncle again. However, the Power Rangers find Howard's cave thanks to Billy save However and deactivate the bomb. Zordon then tells he Rangers that the Dark Warrior is in lurking in Angel Grove Park for whatever reason so they go to confront him. Brandishing a katana, the Dark Warrior quickly cuts down the Power Rangers despite them having thier Blade Blasters Blade Mode equipped and Zack and Kimberly double teaming him. Pulling out her Power Bow, Kimberly tries to shoot him full of arrows but the Dark Warrior slices them away so the team regroups but he uses a wrist mounted cannon to wipe them out. Recovering very quickly, Trini leaps at him but is almost immediately shot out of the air by his power cannon at which point Rita makes him grow.

Upon growing, Dark Warrior gains a chain with a blade on one end and iron balls on the other end and demands that the Rangers suyrrender but they refuse and summon the the Dinozords. The Dark Warrior blasts but they are unfazed and thier combined trampling stuns him with an earthquake which allows them to form Tank Mode. It blasts the monster but he does a handstand away and blasts them with his cannon so they form the Megazord in Battle Mode. He tries to overwhelm it with his sword but it is blocked after two hits, knocked it away into the air, and the Megazord punches him down. However, he then produces his chain and wraps it around the Megazord's neck, pulling it around easily. However, Jason summons the Power Sword which cuts the chain which stuns the Dark Warrior long enough for them to destroy him with an energized slash.


The Dark Warrior was a violent, sadistic and ruthless monster who was highly abusive as he threatened Trini's uncle Howard and wanted him to open secret of his formula. He was also very arrogant and confident as he managed to fight the Rangers and underestimate them which led to his defeat. In spite of these issues, he is also intensely loyal to Rita.

Powers and Abilities


  • Invisibility: Although this was never actually shown, this was a requirement Rita set for the monster's creation.


  • Strength: The Dark Warrior could easily take down a Ranger with a single swing of his sword and knock back the Megazord with several as well as pulling it around the battlefield with just his chain.
  • Durability: The Dark Warrior was blasted by Tank Mode's cannons and just rolled out of the way and a single punch from the Megazord only knocked him down for a second.
  • Speed: The Dark Warrior was able to rush about and slash the Megazord faster than it could react.
  • Agility: Dark Warrior was a very agile monster who was was easily able to dodge and duck kicks from Zack, handstand away from the Tank Mode's cannon blasts, and roll to his feet after being punched down.
  • Hand to Hand Combat: The Dark Warrior was able to effortlessly overpower both all five Rangers and the Megazord with ease.


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  • Katana: The Dark Warrior wielded a katana in battle as his primary weapon which was able to deflect Power Bow arrows.
  • Laser Cannon: The Dark Warrior had a cannon on his wrist which could shoot white energy blasts which could take out all five Rangers in one hit.
  • Chain and Sickle: The Dark Warrior wielded a chain with a sickle blade on one side and a counterweight on the other.
    • Restraint-The Dark Warrior's chain could be used to restrain his enemies.

Behind the Scenes



  • The Dark Warrior appears to be based on a ninja.


  • His name alludes to his evil nature and that he is a warrior.


  • Dark Warrior was the first monster to say something right after growing which would become common in Power Rangers, beginning with Mad Magnet in Ninja Storm.


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