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Dark Spider (ヤミクモ Yamikumo) (13-48): A small spider demon Yamimaru keeps with him at all times.

Character History

The Dark Spider is invaluable to him considering it kept him safe from harm during his 20,000 years of traveling and gathering information and power. It can make weapons out of its webs for Yamimaru it also provided him with the material to make his shirt to make him appear and sense human and transform into his demon form.

After multiple perils including the death and return of Great Boma Emperor Lagorn, Yamimaru has his partner Kirika turn the Dark Spider into the Dark Spider Bōma (ヤミクモボーマ Yamikumo Bōma) to assist and protect them as they emerge on the run from the Boma leader. With Riki and the Turboranger trying to reawaken Kirika due to realizing she can be saved from her Boma torment. When Kirika finally decides to believe in them and the words of her father Masked Devil Bōma, Yamimaru has Dark Spider Boma attack the Turboranger; Red Turbo ultimately destroys it with the GT Crash, then the Turboranger defeat it with Turbo Rugger.


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Its main ability is to create webs that both bind down opponents as well as create various weapons for Yamimaru's usage. It also can fire a beam similar to other Boma that grows Boma Beasts.

After being transformed into Dark Spider Boma, it becomes able to use the weapons it can create for itself, including a gun, a sword and a spear; it also continues to use webs for offensive and defensive purposes.

Behind the Scenes


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