This article is about a/an villain in Power Rangers Turbo, the third installment in the Zordon Era .
"Dark Specter will not be happy."
―Dark Specter's Messenger upon hearing Divatox' defiance.[src]

Dark Specter's Messenger is a minor character serving Dark Specter.

Character History.

The Messenger was sent by his Master to summon Divatox to the Cimmerian Planet for the United Alliance of Evil conference. She initially refused as she was victorious over the Rangers and wanted to control the world but left when he mentioned his master's name. He left before she did and was never seen again.

Behind the Scenes.

  • The Messenger was played by Judd Lynn who also wrote and directed the episode he appeared in. He appears via CGI.


  • Despite being a servant of evil, the Messenger drew Divatox away from the Power Chamber ruins which allowed the Turbo Rangers to survive. They would later become the Space Rangers and bring down the United Alliance of Evil for good. Therefore, the Messenger is an inadvertent ally to the Power Rangers.
  • It is unknown whether he survived Zordon's Energy Wave or was vaporized.
  • The Messenger had no counterpart in either Carranger or Megaranger.
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