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"Hell Saturn is our God!"
―Dark Q's final words before her death[src]

Dark Q

Dark Q (ダークQ Dāku Q) is a series of spy mechanoids used by Hell Saturn for infiltration and assassinations, stronger than normal humans. Constructed with care, the mechanoids are placed in a torturous combat testing with the survivors branded as Dark Q and must succeed in their missions or be obliterated for failure. About 96 models were made before the 97th was the created as the finalized model for Black Magma to use in its invasion.

Close-up of Dark Q


The 97th posed as Reiko Kagayama, becoming Arashiyama's aide to uncover info on Sun Vulcan Robo before she is exposed by Arashiyama and ejected from the base before she self destructs. Ep. 1: The Machine Empire of the North Pole The 97th model, armed with claws, aided in stealing a dangerous bacteria in Black Magma's scheme to cause conflict. Ep. 2: The Day Mankind is Extinguished A 98th model was built to kill various important figures considered national treasures in Japan, only to be stopped in her tracks. Ep. 3: The Iron Claw That Challenges Japan The 99th model, equipped with a detachable arm that doubles as flame thrower, poses as an officer to obtain the contains of a vault. But her failure to secure it results in her destruction with the 100th model utilized to complete Black Magma's plan to build a fortress underground before she is destroyed by the SunVulcan group. Eventually, the Dark Q series is discontinued after the death of Zero Girl 1.



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