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Dark Merchant Biznella (闇商人ビズネラ, Yamishōnin Bizunera, 29-47) is a galactic weapons merchant and a long time ally of the Balban; particularly Destruction King Battobas with whom he has had a long relationship. Allowed to scavenge the dead worlds left in the Balban's wake, Biznella found three near-death Seijuu (GingaRhinos, GingaPhoenix, and GingaBitus) whose bodies he recovered and remade into the three steel Starbeasts; the humanoid GigaRhinos and GigaPhoenix and the carrier mech GigaBitus.

Upon hearing that the Balban had been revived, Biznella arrives on Earth shortly after the defeat of the Budoh Majin Mob with the Steel Starbeasts in tow.  After claiming that his new weapons will have the power to destroy the other Starbeasts once he completes their control unit, Biznella borrows a squad of Yartots and captures Hikaru and Hyuuga in an attempt to harvest Hikaru's Earth as a power source.  Though he fails, thanks to a clever ruse by Hikaru, when the other Gingamen arrive and attempt to destroy him with the Ginga War Radiance, Biznella is able to feed the power of their attack into the control unit, enabling him to summon GigaRhinos and GigaPhoenix to fight GoTaurus and Gingaioh, who themselves are unwilling to fight against their own kind.  Following the success of their first battle, Biznella sells the Steel Starbeasts to the Balban for five chests of gold, but ultimately was forced to refund the Balban's payment with his ship as added interest when the Steel Starbeasts regain their independence and side with the Gingamen. Trapped on Earth, Biznella was then taken under the protection of Battobas who, following the defeat of Iliess and Batobas' rise to commanding general, hired Biznella to be his right hand man. Together, Biznella and Battobas discovered that being immobile for so long was causing Daitanix to rot and that swift action was needed to ensure the Balban didn't lose their method of transportation. 

Majin Biznella

During the attempts to find the Earth Demon Beast, while fighting GingaYellow, Biznella is thrown into the Extreme Growth Extract by accident and mutates into Majin Biznella (魔人ビズネラ, Majin Bizunera) where he overwhelms the Beast Armor Shine Gingamen until they defeat him with their upgraded Beast Attack Rods. As he is lying down wounded, Majin Biznella is then betrayed and enlarged by Battobas. He is then killed by Steel Seijuu GigaRhinosGigaPhoenix, and Super Armor Shine GingaiOh.Chapter 47: The Demon's Scheme



concept art

Biznella's name is a pun on the word Business (ビズネス Bizunesu) and his motif is the one of a pierrot.


  • Dark Merchant Biznella were designed by character designer Akira Nozaki.


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