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"Uu Uru Zazare! Come forth~Dark Magic Horse Barikion!"

Dark Magic Horse Barikion (魔導馬バリキオン Madōba Barikion): Horse-like Majuu that serves under Dark Magic Knight Wolzard. He appears from the ground when summoned by the spell Uu Uru Zazare. After Kai Ozu selflessly saved the creature's life, Barikion helped the Magirangers regain their MagiKing powers by forming FireKaiser with MagiPhoenix. But as Wolzard revealed, Barikion only combines with whomever he acknowledges as a great warrior worthy to unite with. After the battle with the Underground Hades Infershia Two Ultimate Gods, Barikion has not been seen again, so his fate after the finale is unknown. Forms WolKentauros' lower torso and legs, Supreme Ruler of Darkness WolKaiser's head, limbs, back, and the WolJavelin, and FireKaiser's head, "sternum", limbs, back, and the BariLancer.

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"Uuza Douza Zanga. Madou Fusion~WolKentauros!"

WolKentauros (魔導合体ウルケンタウロス Madō Gattai Urukentauros): Dark Magic Knight Wolzard fuses with Dark Magic Horse Barikion when he utters "Uuza Douza Zanga. Dark Magical Path Fusion!" (魔導 Madō Gattai). With Wolzard now purified, the spell for combination is likely to be "Goolu Luuma Gonga". Wolzard joins with Barikion in its four-legged configuration, becoming a giant centaur.


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"Uuza Douza Uru Zanga. Devil Fusion~WolKaiser!"
"Goolu Luuma Golu Gonga!"

When Dark Magic Knight Wolzard utters Uuza Douza Uru Zanga. Majin Fusion! (魔神合体 Majin Gattai), Dark Magic Horse Barikion becomes a suit of armour around Wolzard and becomes High King of Darkness WolKaiser (闇の覇者ウルカイザー Yami no Haō Urukaizā). His weapon is a staff made of Barikion's mane and tail. WolKaiser is now formed by the spell "Goolu Luuma Golu Gonga". Attacks with "Dark Magical Slash" while being evil, while under good, "Heavenly Magical Slash". He gained the power to form this combination from absorbing the energy of MagiDragon's finishing attack.


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"Giruma Maagi Magi Jinga! Friendship Fusion~FireKaiser!"

FireKaiser (ファイヤーカイザー, FaiyāKaizā): A combination, though only seen in Stages 9 and 18, that results from the fusion of MagiPhoenix with Dark Magic Horse Barikion. Mandora Boy called this being a Phantom Majin because it is very rare. The spell used is (2105) "Giruma Maagi Magi Jinga! Friendship Fusion!" (友情合体, Yūjō Gattai). His weapon is a staff made of Barikion's mane and head, using it in his "Fire Spin Braid" attack, where the 'ponytail' behind it's head engulfs in flames, before using it as a whip to strike the enemy.

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