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USK-Dark Kyutama

Dark Kyutama

"Dark Kyutama! Dark (Seiza) Change!"
―Transformation announcement via Seiza Blaster[src]

The Dark Kyutama (ダークキュータマ Dāku Kyūtama, lit. Dark Nine Ball) is a Kyutama which allows Hebitsukai Silver to transform into Hebitsukai Metal. Alongside the Black Hole Kyutama, the Dark Kyutama was one of two Kyutama which were provided to Dark Naga by Akyanba after he was brainwashed by Microtsuyoindaver to serve as a warrior for the Space Shogunate Jark Matter. These Kyutama were retained after Naga Ray was saved by and rejoined the Kyurangers.

Rather than a constellation, this Kyutama represents Don Armage.


"Silent Star! Hebitsukai Metal"
―Hebitsukai Metal's roll call[src]



Giant Hebitsukai Metal.

Upon his defeat, the remnants of Naga's dark side formed a gigantic puppet of Hebitsukai Metal. This looked identical to the evil version of Hebitsukai Metal, although some parts of the suit were replaced with black. This Hebitsukai Metal was defeated by Kyutamajin's Meteor Booster attack. Space.31: Naga's Great Recapture Strategy!


During the Kyurangers' battle with Space Ninja DemostIcon-crosswiki of the GenmakuuIcon-crosswiki, Naga used the Dark Kyutama to fight alongside Tenbin Gold through Demost's Rinshi, Nanashi Company, Gormin Sailors and Buglars. Uchu Sentai Kyuranger vs. Space Squad


As Dark Naga, Naga's Seiza Blaster and Kyu Sickle were converted to dark purple versions. They were restored to their original forms after he returned to the Kyurangers.


  • Unnamed Finisher: Hebitsukai Metal performs a powerful blast attack with the (Dark) Seiza Blaster, by using the Dark Kyutama.
  • Metal Ophiuchus Impact (メタルオフューカスインパクト Metaru Ofyūkasu Inpakuto): Hebitsukai Metal performs a powerful slash attack with the Kyu Sickle, by using the Dark Kyutama.


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