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Salamander and Zylpheeza: the only members of the Saima Family that have carried the Dark King Star and have carried the title Dark King

The Dark King Star (冥王星 Meiō Hoshi) (2-43) is an ancient red jewel in the shape of a star and one of the most treasured possessions of the Saima Family that offers its carrier limitless power. The carrier of this gem in the chest receives the title Dark King (冥王 Meiō), also gaining the leadership and the authority on all the Saima Family in absence of the Grand Witch Grandiene.

The Dark King Star activated

Originally, Dark King Zylpheeza was in possession of the Dark King Star until he was killed by Max Victory Robo. After his death, the Dark King Star was transferred to his younger brother Drop, which allowed him to mature and become Dragon Dark King Salamandes. With the power of the Dark King Star, Salamandes is able to create a dark dimension called Saima Zone so that the power of the Saima Beasts increases ten times while the sunlight is completely cut off, making most of the GoGoFive mecha useless, leaving Victory Mars as the only robot capable of fighting in this field.

The Dark King Star destroyed

After being banished by his mother to the Ghost Saima Hell for his past failures, Salamandes absorbed the spirits of the defeated Saima Beasts in order to escape. Pierre would then create the "Saima Tree" that he had cultivated in an orphanage to capture those who resided there and convert their souls into energy to transfer it to the Dark King Star and thus increase the power of Salamandes during his final battle with GoGoFive. After the tree was weakened, the strength of the Dark King Star was deminished, which allowed Max Victory Robo and Victory Mars to kill Salamandes, and as a result, destroying the Dark King Star forever.

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