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Dark Giant Castle Deathtopia (暗黒巨大城デストピア Ankoku Kyodaijō Desutopia) is a massive flying fortress utilized by Dark Science Empire Deathdark. It can be settled in one location in order to camouflage its appearance, but it generally flies through the air causing destruction wherever it flies.Ep. 1: The Invasion of Dark Science It also has the ability to dive and float through the ocean like a submarineEp. 14: It's Serious! The Earth is SinkingEp. 15: The Revived Demonic Commander-in-Chief and it can also be attached to an object to siphon resources.Ep. 46: Super Energy Arrival The inside possesses a court where Furher Taboo resides, as well as a lab where multiple Kongs can be constructed, where they are easily launched through the huge door within the flying fortress.

After all of Deathdark other than Taboo is stopped, Goggle V destroy Deathtopia with Goggle Robo, only to face the giant leader in a final battle once it is gone.Final Ep.: Proceed! To the Shining Future

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