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The Dark Fortress.

"Fire The Satellasers!!!"
Astronema command to make the make the monsters grow

The Dark Fortress without its pocket dimension.


The Dark Fortress was the space-traveling lair of Astronema and the United Alliance of Evil.


The Dark Fortress had a large complement of Quantrons and Velocifighters on board. The Dark Fortress was capable of not only space travel, but atmospheric travel as well. When not in the atmosphere of Earth or elsewhere, the Dark Fortress was seen in some sort of pocket dimension, filled with strange, swirling light. Somewhere inside the Fortress was an operating chamber where Astronema and Ecliptor were reprogrammed though this was never shown on-screen.

Astronema's private planning room was next to the main control room; it perhaps also doubled as her bedroom. For offensive purposes, "Satellasers" could be fired from the antenna cluster atop the structure. However, the Satellasers were typically used to revive and/or grow monsters. The beams were color-coded (blue beams were used for destruction, while green beams grew monsters).



The Dark Fortress was constructed sometime before 1998 and came into the hands of the United Alliance of Evil.

In Space

After the Astro Megazord destroys Astronema's Ship in the wake of the Cimmerian Planet conference, Astronema and her forces are forced to use the Dark Fortress as thier base of operations. Tvicon.png TV STORY-From Out of Nowhere

After realizing that the Astro Megazord cannot be formed without the Mega Shuttle, Astronema uses the Dark Fortress' lasers to bombard a NASADA base where it is being kept. Although the complex is annihilated, the Mega Shuttle escapes so she enlarges Ecliptor only for him to be destroyed. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Save our Ship

After Astronema defects from the United Alliance of Evil once she finds out that she is Andros' sister, and with Ecliptor helping her, Darkonda is given command of the Dark Fortress. He remains in command until Astronema is reprogrammed and reassures command. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Dark Specter's Revenge

The Dark Fortress is the base from which Dark Specter launches his invasion of the universe utilizing the Evil Space Aliens, Machine Empire and Divatox's Crew. However, it is also where Darkonda betrays and kills the Monarch of Evil with a planet destroying missile at the cost of his own kufe at which point Astronema assumes command. The Dark Fortress is the setting of the final battle between Andros, Astronema and Ecliptor as well as where Andros kills Zordon with the Spiral Saber to save the universe. With the Quantrons vaporized, Andros flies the Dark Fortress to Angel Grove and it in front of the landed Dark Fortress that Astronema (mortally wounded by Andros earlier) turns back into his sister Karone. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Countdown to Destruction

Lost Galaxy

Within a year of the climactic final battle, the Dark Fortress has been stripped down into parts and used to build the galactic space-station Terra Venture. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Quasar Quest

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