Icon-is.pngThis article is about a/an villain headquarters in Power Rangers in Space, the last installment in the Zordon Era.
"Fire The Satellasers!!!"
Astronema command to make the make the monsters grow

The Dark Fortress in its pocket dimension.

The Dark Fortress without its pocket dimension.

The Dark Fortress was the space-traveling lair of Astronema and her crew. For offensive purposes (usually against ground targets, like the NASADA launch complex), "Satellasers" could be fired from the antenna cluster atop the structure. However, the Satellasers were typically used to revive and/or grow monsters, as well as certain others (ie. Ecliptor). The beams were color-coded (blue beams were used for destruction, while green beams grew monsters). It also had a large complement of Quantrons and Velocifighters on board. The Dark Fortress was capable of not only space travel, but atmospheric travel as well. When not in the atmosphere of Earth or elsewhere, the Dark Fortress was seen in some sort of pocket dimension, filled with strange, swirling light.

Astronema's private scheming room was next to the main control room; it perhaps also doubled as her bedroom. In one part of the Dark Fortress, Astronema had a pet monster known as Skruddly, which often tortured Elgar when he annoyed her.

Astronema held command over the Dark Fortress throughout most of Power Rangers in Space, though Darkonda briefly held command in "Dark Specter's Revenge". The Dark Fortress was last seen on Earth, after it was commandeered by Andros in "Countdown to Destruction".


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