The Dark Dimension is a dark and mysterious dimension appearing in Power Rangers Wild Force.


After falling in battle to Super Nayzor, the Wild Force Power Rangers awaken in this dimension in a spiritual form while their unconscious bodies lay on the ground nearby. A mysterious young boy appears to them and tells the Rangers that they were brought there for one last chance to win their great battle. The boy tells them of a powerful Wildzord in hiding on the Animarium with powers beyond comprehension that they can gain access to if they complete a puzzle in the required time. If they fail, they will be stuck in the dimension forever. The Rangers begin putting the puzzle together as the ground around them crumbles into lava. The Rangers ultimately fall towards the lava, but just in time complete the puzzle, causing Cole Evans to gain access to the Falcon Summoner, Animarium Armor and Falcon Wildzord. Following the defeat of Super Nayzor, the Rangers are left with little memory of their time in the dimension with the memory fading the more they try to remember.The Wings of Animaria

After the revelation that Kite is the human incarnation of Animus, the Rangers remember their time in the dark dimension and that Kite was the boy they encountered there. Alyssa and Taylor realize that when the Rangers saved themselves from the dark dimension, they also released Kite and thus Animus, leading to Animus' resurrection.The Soul of Humanity


  • In Wild Force, characters simply refer to this as the dark dimension.
  • Given Animus' presence here, this may in fact by the afterlife for the Wildzords.
  • It appears to be a spiritual dimension as the Rangers visit in spirit form. While their unconscious bodies appear in the dimension, they separate from their bodies in spirit form to complete the puzzle and interact with Kite. This further indicates that its the Wildzords afterlife.
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