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Dark Clouds Approaching is a comic story based on Power Rangers Super Megaforce, which was printed as part of the 34th issue of Panini's UK Power Rangers Magazine.[1]

Continuity and Placement

The recollection of Jayden of the Samurai Rangers places this story after the fifth epsiode, Samurai Surprise.



In their Sky Ship, the Mega Rangers are investigating mysterious dark clouds. Shortly back on the ground with no idea what to do, Gosei contacts the Rangers with the coordinates of the alien. As they arrive they morph into Super Mega Mode, The alien introduces himself as Kumulux then fires a dark cloud at the Rangers, not being able to see the Rangers are easily knocked to the ground. Kumulux disappears again to reload his blaster giving the rangers time to strategize. They remember what Jayden of the Power Rangers Samurai told them: "Feel the next move of your opponent before he's even acted. Like a Samurai". Kumulux returns with a group of X-Borgs, so the Rangers morph into Mighty Morphin Legendary Ranger Mode and take care of the X-Borgs in no time. But Kumulux blasts them with contaminated water which causes them to demorph back into Super Mega Mode, then he fires another dark cloud but this time the Rangers morph into Samurai Legendary Ranger Mode. Even though they still cannot see anything, Troy feels Kumulux's next attack coming and attacks with his Fire Smasher first, hitting Kumulux into the air. Needing more power the Red Ranger uses the Samurai Double Disc which doubles his power and gives him two Fire Smashers, Kumulux is made mostly of water so when the Red Ranger attacks with his Fire Smashers Kumulux starts to vaporize. The Rangers then morph back into Super Mega Mode and fire their Final Strike causing Kumulux to explode. But soon he returns as a mega monster so the Rangers activate the Legendary Megazord. Kumulux attacks with a kick so the rangers then combine the Legendary Samurai Megazord and fire their giant sized Fire Smasher towards Kumulux which completely destroys him for good. Soon the dark clouds are gone and the sun has returned.[2]




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