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The Dark Beasts (闇獣 Yamijū) are a race of giant monsters that are used by the Dark Empire Yodonheim. Before being sent to Earth, the are equipped with a giant Jamen (邪面 Evil Mask) by Mask of Darkness Carantula, turning them into Jamen Beasts.


Known Dark Beasts

  • Hildon: A leech-like Dark Beast that is capable of flight
    • Faucet Hildon (ジャグチヒルドン Jaguchi Hirudon) (Episode ZERO, 1)
    • Cloud Hildon (クラウドヒルドン Kuraudo Hirudon) (6)
    • Wanage Hildon (ワナゲヒルドン Wanage Hirudon) (15)
    • Jukebox Hildon (ジュークボックスヒルドン Jūkubokkusu Hirudon) (24)
    • Mannequin Hildon (マネキンヒルドン Manekin Hirudon) (30)
  • Ligany: A crayfish-like Dark Beast that has a reputation for being a good fighter
  • Shellga: A river snail-like Dark Beast
    • Vise Shellga (マンリキシェルガ Manriki Sheruga) (3)
    • Stage Shellga (ステージシェルガ Sutēji Sheruga) (10)
    • Haejigoku Shellga (ハエジゴクシェルガ Haejigoku Sheruga) (13)
    • Glue Shellga (セッチャクザイシェルガ Setchakuzai Sheruga) (20)
    • Super Glue Shellga (キョウリョクセッチャクザイシェルガ Kyōryokusetchakuzai Sheruga) (27)
  • Basra: A black bass-like Dark Beast
  • Dagames: A two-headed water bug-like Dark Beast
  • Gomoryu: A quadrupedal bat-like Dark Beast
    • Projector Gomoryu (プロジェクターゴモリュウ Purojekutā Gomoryū) (28 & 29)



  • The Ligany Type (specifically, Rugger Ligany) is the first Dark Beast whose face is shown before it is given a Jamen.
  • The Basra Type (Diesel Basra) is the second Dark Beast whose face is shown.
    • However, it is the first Dark Beast whose face is shown after it is given a Jamen, as well as the first Dark Beast (and Jamen Beast, by extension) to be unmasked in battle.
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