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Daniel J. Slavin[1] is an American actor and lawyer who portrayed Leo Corbett/Lost Galaxy Red in Power Rangers Lost Galaxy. He reprised the role in the Lightspeed Rescue crossover Trakeena's Revenge, and later in the Wild Force crossover Forever Red (albeit digitally). He reprised the role again as a "Legendary Ranger" in Power Rangers Super Megaforce.

Personal Life

  • Currently, Slavin resides in Phoenix, Arizona as a lawyer. He mostly joined Power Rangers to put himself through law school. He specializes in commercial litigation.
  • Coincidentally, his star-sign is Leo, the same name as his character.
  • Slavin has practiced the martial art of Kuk Sool Won for many years.
  • Slavin originally wasn't going to appear in Forever Red due to a previous dispute with the production crew. When an agreement was arranged, he was digitally inserted into the un-morphed group shot.



  • Mating Rituals (2004)
  • Boy Next Door (1999)
  • Writer's Block (1995)


Casting Director

  • Writer's Block (1995)

Archive footage


  • Danny has appeared in commercials for Calvin Klein.
  • Despite portraying the younger sibling, Danny is actually 5 years older than his onscreen older brother Russell Lawrence.

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  • https://www.fjslegal.com/attorney/slavin-daniel-j/
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