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Dango Bōma (ダンゴボーマ Dango Bōma, 4) is a pillbug-themed member of the Hundred Boma Tribes

Character History

Awakened from a seal beneath a city street, Dango Boma returns in order to feed Lagorn his favorite treat, human dango, as he had 20,000 years in the past. Rolling up humans into the dango dumplings, the Turboranger try to stop him but it is made more difficult with several "Wular Dango" rolling about keeping them busy. It is made further troublesome when both their teacher Ms. Yamaguchi and Dr. Dazai become captured within a dango created for the feast. The Turboranger fight Dango Boma, with Red Turbo using his special pitching skills (enhanced by fairy magic) to wear down the Boma Beast before the team stop him with their Plasma Shoot.

While most of the dango balls fall apart back to the original humans after his first destruction, the ball with Ms. Yamaguchi and Dr. Dazai remains stuck together due to rolling away before Dango Boma's destruction. This is made worse with Jarmin using her power to grow Dango Boma and the missing human ball falling towards train tracks to be run over with the potential of killing those trapped within if the giant isn't stopped. Quickly forming Turbo Robo, the Turborangers make quick work of Dango Boma, with their Turbo Crash killing it and allowing the last dango ball to fall apart before the train hits it and making their teacher and mentor safe.



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His main ability is to spin his hands around and around, controlling beings (generally humans) into rolling about until they merge together into "human dango", which he continues to roll and prepare until proper for feeding to Lagorn. He also uses a sword that is similar to a dango stick.

Behind the Scenes


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  • Dango Boma is one of several Boma seen within Seelon's "Boma book" in episode 41


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