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"Well done"
―Final words before Death[src]

The Danganloid (ダンガンロイド, Danganroido) (D-13) is a Metaloid that Enter created when he used the "shoot" Metavirus to infect a model gun in his plan to counter Red Buster long enough to transport the Deltanium 39 into hyperspace.

It is armed with a large combat knife and a submachine gun. However, what makes him unique is that he is basically a machine version of Red Buster, as when he strikes his left arm, he runs at high speeds.

After a tiring match, a exhausted Hiromu tosses his Ichigan Buster at Danganloid, then both of them activate their super speeds. When Hiromu gets sent back a second time, he makes the Ichigan Buster assume Special Buster Mode just as the Metaloid lunges at the Go-Buster, deleting the Metaloid with a shot through the chest. Danganloid's last words was of congratulations to the Go-Buster before exploding.


Powers and Abilities

  • Hyper Speed: Since Danganloid is a machine version of the red buster he too can run at high speeds.


  • Combat Knife: Danganloid wields a combat knife in combat.
  • Submachine Gun: Since he was created from a model gun he wields a submachine gun in combat.


  • Identification Number: D-13
  • Install Metavirus: UTSU
  • Production Motif: Model Gun
  • Height: 193 cm.
  • Weight: 253 kg.


  • Danganloid is the first Metaloid to be created off-screen.



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