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"Well done"
―Final words before Death[src]

The Danganloid (ダンガンロイド, Danganroido) (D-13) is a Metaloid that Enter created when he used the "shoot" Metavirus to infect a model gun as part of his plan to hold off Red Buster long enough for the DanganZord to transport the Deltanium 39 into hyperspace.

Danganloid is armed with a large combat knife and a submachine gun. However, what makes him unique is that he is basically a machine version of Red Buster, as when he strikes his left arm, he runs at high speeds.

Hiromu and Danganloid engage each other in combat in the hallway, both using their super speeds. Danganloid knocks Hiromu backwards repeatedly and blasts the Go Buster with his submachine gun.

After a tiring match, an exhausted Hiromu tosses his Ichigan Buster at Danganloid, thereby reducing his weight and allowing him to move faster. Both of them then activate their super speeds as they charge. When Hiromu gets knocked back a final time, he makes the Ichigan Buster assume Special Buster Mode while it's in mid-air, just as the Metaloid lunges at the Go-Buster, deleting the Metaloid with a shot through the chest. A dying Danganloid congratulates Hiromu before exploding.


Powers and Abilities

  • Hyper Speed: Since Danganloid is a machine version of the red buster he too can run at high speeds.


  • Combat Knife: Danganloid wields a combat knife in combat.
  • Submachine Gun: Since he was created from a model gun he wields a submachine gun in combat.


  • Identification Number: D-13
  • Install Metavirus: UTSU
  • Production Motif: Model Gun
  • Height: 193 cm.
  • Weight: 253 kg.


  • Danganloid is the first Metaloid to be created off-screen.
  • His face is similar to Slade/Deathstroke from DC Comics
  • Danganloid also bears some resemble to the Predator, namely in that both have long dreadlock-like appendages attached to the back of the head.



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