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For the ally of the Zyuohgers known for a while as "Bird Man", see Bud.
"Lucky me."
―Dan’s last words before his death[src]

Dan (ダン Dan) is one of the hero-soldiers called Birdman (鳥人 Chōjin) of the Back Dimension Dimensian Soldiers. He was the love interest of Ako Hayasaka.



Dan is young and curious and falls in love with Ako during his time with the Jetmen. Although she found him annoying, he playfully gave her a ring made out of a daisy, saying they are married. When Kanna and Ray are killed by Radiguet and he hijacks the Jet Garuda, Dan transforms into his Birdman form and confronts Radiguet inside the mecha. Although he saved the Jetman from defeat, he is mortally wounded when Radiguet beats him and stabs him in abdomen. He later dies in Ako's arms, who gives him a ring made out of a daisy, mirroring his emotions for her.

Dan nor any of the Back Dimension Soldiers participated in the Great Legend War for unknown reasons, though from a production standpoint they were one-off heroes that had limited screen time and are not as prominent in the show, like other Sentai who did not fight.




  • Bird Garuda / Jet Garuda (shared with Ray and Kanna)


  • Blue Blade


  • Firebreathing
  • Flight
  • Teleportaton Rainbow (transformation device)

Transformation and Roll Call

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