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Dan (ダン Dan) is a user of the Fierce Beast Tiger-Fist (激獣タイガー拳 Gekijū Taigāken) style who was a star pupil under Sha-Fu and a senior master of Rio, Gou, and Miki.


Also referred as Byakko (ビャッコ Byakko), Dan was able to access Extreme Ki with little effort, manifested as a "White Tiger" (白い虎 Shiroi Tora). Despite being the senior, Rio saw Dan as a rival and tried hard to surpass him. Although Dan tried to defeat Rio when he defected, he was killed, but the cause of defeat was because he got injured previously by Long in a sneak attack in order to further make Rio's desire for power insatiable. The fact that he didn't fight his rival at full strength left Rio with a feeling of frustration until he learned that their battle could be fulfilled now between him and the son Dan had with his wife Nami, Jan. Though Dan's Fierce Soul was used in the creation of Suugu, Dan is unable to manifest until Jan awakens his memory. After receiving a fatal wound meant for his son from Long, Dan/Suugu has Jan land the deathblow, freeing Dan from his prison. Before leaving to the next life, he tells his son to walk his own path.


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Suugu (スウグ Sūgu, 38-45) is a master of the Mythical Beast Chimera-Fist (幻獣キメラ拳 Genjū Kimeraken), a style that allows him use any Beast-Fist technique from the Fierce Beast-Fist and the Confrontation Beast-Fist Akugata. Suugu was made by Long from Dan's Fierce Ki Soul, though lacking the man's mind. Suugu was previously in a state of rest as the result of undergoing the Blood-Oath Ceremony and thus he was first seen being dragged in his casket by Sanyo. But Suugu was later fully awakened by Long once he was in the presence of Rio. Rio recognizes Suugu as Dan, which eventually led to him embracing the Mythical Beast-Fist as only the Mythical Beast King can command Suugu. Though mindless, a hint of Dan seems to remain within Suugu as seen in his playing of a leaf ocarina. Long tricks Rio into ordering Suugu to kill Jan. During the battle, after nearly killing his son, Suguu's memories as Dan reawakened, allowing him to overcome the Blood Oath's effect on him as he took the blow Long intended for Jan. Mortally wounded, Suugu has Jan deal the deathblow to release Dan's Fierce soul from his physical prison. He returned in Kamen Rider × Super Sentai: Super Hero Taisen.

Chimera-Fist Gengi

Suugu's Gengi allows him to use both Gekiwaza and Ringi:

  • Fierce Beast Tiger-Fist Style: Gun-Gun Bullet (砲砲弾 Hō Hō Dan)
  • Confrontation Beast Scorpion-Fist Style: Crimson Lotus Vermilion Whip Kick (紅蓮朱鞭脚 Guren Shuben Kyaku)
  • Confrontation Beast Toad-Fist Style: Oily Body-Armor (体油包 Taiyūpao)
  • Confrontation Beast Crocodile-Fist Style: Mudbank Torso Snapping (泥州胴折り Desudō Ori)


  • Dan is played by Kenji Ohba, who is known in Super Sentai for playing Shirou Akebono (Battle Kenya) in Battle Fever J and Daigorou Oume (DenziBlue) in Denshi Sentai Denziman, and as well as Retsu Ichijouji/Gavan in the first Metal Heroes Series, Uchu Keiji Gavan.
  • Dan's nickname as "Byakko" (white tiger) is shared as the animal nickname of Sae Taiga (GaoWhite) of Gaoranger.
  • Dan's alias is a reference to the Chinese and Vietnamese mythological beast Byakko (白虎 Byakko, literally white tiger) Bạch Hổ.
  • His name is based on Sōu Yú (騶虞) of the Shi Jing, and motifs are the White Tiger and the Tiger of the Earthly Branches.


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