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Daisuke Hiramatsu (平松 大輔 Hiramatsu Daisuke) is an aspiring composer and guitarist who was befriended by the lion Zyuman, Leo.

Character History

Daisuke Hiramatsu was listening to music he had composed when his headphones were taken by Leo to try. Daisuke was pleased to see Leo immediately take a great liking to his music as he started dancing to it. However, this encounter was soon interrupted by the arrival of a Deathgalien Player, Yabiker, who used his Pararira Noise to drive the populace, including Daisuke mad. While Leo discovered that the music-playing headphones he wore provided an immunity, Daisuke ended up breaking his hands during his frenzy before Yabiker left, leaving him disheartened as he was unable to perform his coming audition to the best of his ability. Leo accepted responsibility to the frustrated Daisuke, but urged him to attend the audition anyway, going as far as revealing his true Zyuman form to him as he told him that it would be a waste to give up without trying. The following day, Daisuke went to the audition, deciding that if a lion could like his music he could get its claws into others. As thanks, Daisuke gave Leo a pair of headphones for his fight with Yabiker. After overcoming Yabiker with his own booming voice, Leo caught up with Daisuke and, though disappointed to learn that he didn't make the cut, was reassured to find out that Daisuke had been given a strengthened resolve having been requested to return next time after he had healed. Ep. 8: Savanna's Melody

After the human world and Zyuland were reunited, Leo met up with Daisuke and they began recording music together. During one such session, Daisuke found a note inviting Leo to the Earth Monarch Tournament. Doubutsu Sentai Zyuohger Returns: Life Received! The Earth's Monarchs' Decisive Battle!

Behind the scenes


Daisuke Hiramatsu is portrayed by Kenshiro Iwai (岩井 拳士朗 Iwai Kenshirō).


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