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Yoshio Nagahori (長堀 芳夫), better known under his stage name Daisuke Gōri (郷里 大輔 Gōri Daisuke), was a Japanese voice actor, narrator and actor.


According to fellow voice actors, Gōri was diagnosed with diabetes mellitus a few years prior to his death and his vision was affected by retinal detachment as a result of the disease. He complained to coworkers, "I can't read the scripts. I can't do my job like I'd like to." (台本が読めない. 思うように仕事ができない. Daihon ga yome nai. Omou yōni shigoto ga deki nai.) During an Anpanman recording session in late 2009, a depressed-sounding Gōri told his close friend voice actor Kazuhiko Inoue, "I've grown old."

On January 17, 2010 at approximately 3:00 P.M., Gōri was found lying on his stomach with blood dripping from his wrists in the middle of a Nakano, Tokyo street by a passerby, who then notified the police. Authorities from the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department's Nakano station discovered a utility knife under his body as well as a suicide note (with the words "I'm sorry" (ごめんね, Gomenne) and "Thank you" (ありがとう, Arigatō) scrawled on it) addressed to his family in his pants pocket. Gōri's death was then ruled a suicide; he was three weeks short of his 58th birthday.


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