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This article is about a/an stage show in Gosei Sentai Dairanger.
Dairanger, TyrannoRanger, DraftRedder & Janperson

In a stage show where the Dairangers are seen fighting the Gorma Tribe, JanpersonIcon-crosswiki, DraftRedderIcon-crosswiki and TyrannoRanger arrive to assist the team.



RyuuRanger Ryo of the Heavenly Fire Star
ShishiRanger Daigo of the Heavenly Phantom Star
TenmaRanger Shoji of the Heavenly Gravity Star
KirinRanger Kazu of the Heavenly Time Star
HououRanger Lin of the Heavenly Wind Star
KibaRanger Kou of the Howling New Star
TyrannoRanger Yamato Tribe Prince Geki
Draft Redder Hayato KanoIcon-crosswiki
Janperson JanpersonIcon-crosswiki


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