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The Dairanger Headquarters is an underground facility which is the headquarters of the Dairangers. Generally seen with an entrance around a train station, it can be reached by multiple trams throughout the city that lay underground and allow for easy access to the base from any location. The main central room possesses a central mat where Master Kaku meditates, including using his own Qiryoku to control Mythical Chi Beast RyuseiOh prior to the obtaining of the Lailai Jewels by the team. The Kiber Machines are kept in a separate room within the same headquarters.

An unexpected feature within the headquarters is a secret tram known only to Kaku that connects the Dairanger headquarters to the Gorma Palace, due to Kaku's origins as a Gorma commander. He uses it only in moments of emergency, such as to contact Gorma Emperor XV to attempt a Dai/Gorma ceasefire upon the apocalyptic scenario brought about by Daijinryuu.Ep. 37: You Have to See It!! Enormous OneEp. 38: Huh!! A Ceasefire!?

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