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A list of merchandise for the 17th Super Sentai series Gosei Sentai Dairanger.[1]

Roleplay Items

GSD aurachanger
  • Qi-Power Fortification! Aura Changer (気力転身!オーラチェンジャー Kiryoku Tenshin! Ōra Chenjā)

GSD dairenrodset
  • Dairen Rod Set (ダイレンロッドセット Dairen Roddo Setto)

GSD daibusterset
  • DaiBuster Set (ダイバスターセット Dai Basutā Setto)

  • Heavenly Treasure Lai-Lai Jewels

GSD dairinken
  • Dairinken (大輪剣)

GSD kiryokubazooka
  • Super Qi-Power Bazooka (スーパー気力バズーカ Sūpā Kiryoku Bazūka)

GSD kibachanger
  • Qi-Power Fortification! Kiba Changer (気力転身!キバチェンジャー Kiryoku Tenshin! Kiba Chenjā)

GSD byakkoshinken
  • Byakkoshinken (百虎真剣)

GSD kibatector
  • Kibatector Set (キバテクターセット Kibatekutā Setto)

Super Sentai Artisan

GSD SSAchangers
Main article: Super Sentai Artisan

Gosei Sentai Dairanger Aura Changer & Kiba Changer ~Super Sentai Artisan~ (五星戦隊ダイレンジャー オーラチェンジャー&キバチェンジャー 戦隊職人 〜SUPER SENTAI ARTISAN〜 Gosei Sentai Dairenjā Ōra Chenjā & Kiba Chenjā Sentai Shokunin): A set of both of the Dairanger changers that was released by Premium Bandai as part of the Super Sentai Artisan line in 2016. Compared to the original 1993 release, they feature upgrades such as die-cast parts and newly recorded sound effects and voice clips. The Aura Changer has voice clips from Ryo, Daigo, Shouji, Kazu, and Rin while the Kiba Changer has clips from Byakkoshinken. The Aura Changer has two versions of the rollcall with different background music, a sequence of special attacks being called out, and a version of the rollcall music without voices. The Kiba Changer plays Kiba Ranger's rollcall and special attack.

In 2017, Bandai Japan issued an apology due to the changers lacking the transformation sound effects. Corrected versions of the Aura Spreader and the Kiba Spreader were sent to customers as replacements. The corrected versions will now play the transformation effect on the first button press.

HPC Ex Series

GSD highpropbyakko

High Proportion Collection Ex series Byakkoshinken (High Proportion Collection Ex series 白虎真剣) is a highly detailed miniature version of Byakkoshinken that was released in 2017. It features a movable mouth, measures 18 centimeters long, and comes with a display stand.

DX Mecha


  • Mythical Qi Beast Combination Set (気伝獣大合体セット Kidenjū Dai Gattai Setto)
    • Gosei Gattai DX Dairen'oh (五星合体 DX 大連王 Gosei Gattai Derakkusu Dairen'ō)[2]
      • Gosei Gattai DX RyuseiOh (五星合体 DX 龍星王 Gosei Gattai Derakkusu Ryūseiō)
      • Gosei Gattai Heavenly Chi Palace (五星合体 DX 天空気殿 Gosei Gattai Derakkusu Tenkū Kiden)
    • DX Won Tiger (DX ウォンタイガー Derakkusu Won Taigā)[3]
  • Super Mythical Qi Beast DX DaiMugen (超気伝獣 DX ダイムゲン Chō Kidenjū Derakkusu Daimugen)[4]
  • DX Daijinryuu (DX 大神龍 Derakkusu Daijinryū)[5]

Super Sentai Artisan

GSD DXartisan

In 2018, Premium Bandai released updated DX versions of Dairen'oh and Won Tiger as part of the Super Sentai Artisan line. They are approximately the same size as the original 1993 versions, however they have updated molds with added articulation and use paint applications where the original version used stickers. The box art is reminiscent of the original DX versions with some subtle differences: the Super Sentai Artisan logo, new product photos, the lack of furigana, and a more blue tone to the gray background on the Dairen'oh packaging.

SSA lailaiballs

The original molds and design documents for DX Dairen'oh weren't available, so the mold was completely remade.[6] Most noticeably, the hands are shaped differently and the sword sheath's curve is reversed in order to be screen accurate. Two sets of mini Dairanger figures are included; one set is based on the original release and the other features new molds with more realistic proportions and dynamic poses. Both the Dairenken and Dairen'oh's mask came in two versions; standard versions with a black visor and a silver blade and finishing move versions that are a mask with yellow eyes and sword with a translucent yellow blade. As a bonus, Premium Bandai included replicas of the Heavenly Treasure Lai-Lai Jewels to everyone that reserved an order of Dairen'oh.

SSA wontigercompare

The Super Sentai Artisan Won Tiger features light and sound gimmicks like the original, with added lights to its tiger eyes and newly recorded sound clips and Won Tiger's theme song.[7] Articulation at the elbows has been added and details such as the "bi" (び) on the shoulders and the Kiba Ranger emblems on the paws have been molded and painted rather than being recreated as stickers. The package includes two miniature Kiba Ranger figures, background displays for Dairen'oh's and Kibadaioh's finishing moves, and two sets of the 7 Legendary Chi Treasure Pearls, one set with kanji and one set without. As with Dairen'oh, Premium Bandai sent the Won Tiger Heavenly Treasure Lai-Lai Jewel to everyone that reserved an order.

Box Art Gallery

Action Figures

Chogokin Series

Main article: Chogokin Style figures
GSD chogokinpackaging

Bandai Japan released the traditional 4.5" Chogokin figures of the Dairanger team during the show's airing. Each member is packaged separately and includes a Star Cutter and Star Sword, while Kiba Ranger comes with his armor and Byakkoshinken.

Kiber Machine Sets


Five sets of Dairanger figures with their personal Kiber Machines. Each package includes a Star Sword, DaiBuster, and a Dairen Rod with five attachments.

Super Voice Heroes

GSD supervoicekiba

Super Voice Heroes (超音英雄 (スーパーボイスヒーロー) Sūpā Boisu Hīrō) are action figures with light and sound gimmicks manufacturered by Bandai. Each has three voice clips that's activated by pressing the belt buckle. The figures measure about 24 centimeters tall and include sidearms.

  • Ryu Ranger
  • Kiba Ranger

Sentai Robo Collection


Released through 1992 and 1993, the Sentai Robo Collection (戦隊ロボコレクション Sentai Robo Korekushon) was a line of 8.5 cm die-cast figures of the then-current and past Sentai robots. Dairen'oh and Ryuseioh were included in the second wave.

PlaDelu (Plastic Deluxe) Mecha

GSD playderaRSO

PlaDelu Ryuseioh (プラデラ 龍星王 Puradera Ryūseiō): A non-combining figure of Ryuseioh. Its left fist can be launched and its right fist has a spinning gimmick. The Mythical Chi Flying Dragon Rod is included.

GSD pddairenoh

Super PlaDelu Dairen'oh (スーパープラデラ 大連王 Sūpā Puradera Dairen'ō): A figure of Dairen'oh with light and sound gimmicks. The legs can be removed and transformed into their Mythical Chi Beast forms. An image of the Dairangers is visible behind the green jewel on its chest. The included accessories are the Dai Javelin and Great King Sword.

GSD pladerawontiger

PlaDelu Won Tiger (プラデラ ウォンタイガー Puradera Won Taigā): A set of Won Tiger and Kiba Ranger figures. Won Tiger can launch missiles from its mouth and comes with the Golden Sword.

GSD playderaDM

Super PlaDelu DaiMugen (スーパープラデラ ダイムゲン Sūpā Puradera Daimugen): A set of DaiMugen, Ryuseioh and Won Tiger. DaiMugen can transform between beast and warrior modes and store the other two figures inside. Weapons for Ryuseioh and Won Tiger's are included and missiles can be launched from DaiMugen's side cannons.

GSD playderaDJR

Super PlaDelu Daijinryu (スーパープラデラ 大神龍 Super Puradera Daijinryū): figure of Daijinryu in its bipedal form. It has light and sound gimmicks.

GSD electricplayderawontiger

Electric PlaDelu Won Tiger (電動プラデラ ウォンタイガー Dendō Puradera Won Taigā): A non-transforming toy of Mythical Chi Beast Won Tiger with a walking gimmick.

S.H. Figuarts

Main article: S.H. Figuarts

In 2013, Bandai Japan released Ryu Ranger and Kiba Ranger as part of the S.H. Figuarts line. No other Dairanger figures were produced. Ryu Ranger comes with a large amount of accessories which include six pairs of replacement hands, holster versions of the Star Sword and Star Cutter, full sized Star Sword and Star Cutter, DaiBuster, Dairen Rod, Dairinkin, Dairinken with blade, and an Akibaranger Season Tsuu version of Ryuu Ranger's helmet. Kiba Ranger includes few accessories in comparison, with only one pair of replacement hands, Byakkoshinken's hilt and two different length blades, and a replacement Kiba Tector emblem with the Akibaranger logo.

The Kiba Ranger figure was also released by Bandai America as the White Ranger for Mighty Morphin Power Rangers' 20th anniversary. A different version was later released that features a head sculpt of Tommy Oliver and additional replacement hands.

Vinyl Figures

GSD 5set
  • Dairanger 5 Set

GSD ryuseioh sofubi
  • Ryuseioh Soft Vinyl

Candy Toys


Main article: Minipla

Minipla Heavenly Qi Palace Set (ミニプラ 天空気殿セット Minipura Tenkū Kiden Setto)

  1. Heavenly Qi Palace
  2. Ryuseioh


Minipla Dairen'oh (ミニプラ 大連王 Minipura Dairen'ō)

  1. RyuseiOh
  2. Star-Shishi
  3. Star-Tenma
  4. Star-Kirin
  5. Star-Houou (with pedestal and Great King Sword)

Dairen'oh's Strongest Combination (大連王最強合体 Dairen'ō Saikyō Gattai)

  1. Dairen'oh
  2. Won Tiger
  3. DaiMugen {with Ryuseioh figure)

Roleplay Items


Dairanger Kit (ダイレンジャーキット Dairenjā Kitto)

  1. Star Sword
  2. Star Cutter
  3. Aura Key
  4. Aura Changer
  5. Dairanger Belt

GSD CTarms

Dairen Arms (ダイレンアームズ Dairen Āmuzu)

  1. Dairen Rod
  2. Dairinken

Figures & Miscellaneous

GSD CTsofubi
  • Dairanger Heroes (ダイレンジャーヒーロー Dairenjā Hīrō)
  1. Ryu Ranger
  2. Shishi Ranger
  3. Tenma Ranger
  4. Qilin Ranger
  5. Houou Ranger


Full Color Heroes (フルカラヒーローズ Furu Kara Hīrōzu)

  1. Ryu Ranger
  2. Shishi Ranger
  3. Tenma Ranger
  4. Qilin Ranger
  5. Houou Ranger
  6. Kiba Ranger

GSD CTmachines

Dairanger Machines (ダイレンジャーマシン Dairenjā Mashin)

  1. Red Kiber 1
  2. Green Kiber 2
  3. Blue Kiber 3
  4. Yellow Kiber 4
  5. Red Kiber 5

GSD CT-mechahero

Super Mecha Heroes (スーパーメカヒーロー Sūpā Meka Hīrō)

  1. Ryuseioh
  2. Tokusou Robo JanpersonIcon-crosswiki

GSD DXcandytoy

Super DX Dairanger

  1. Dairen'oh
  2. Kibadaioh

Exclusive Releases


Gold Dairen'Oh (ゴールド大連王 Gorudo Dairen'ō): A gold-plated DX Dairen'oh set that was a prize of a drawing held by Terebi-kun Magazine. It was awarded to two entrants. A gold version of Ryuseioh was also awarded to three entrants.


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