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"Whoa-ho-ho! Grindin...grindin....Ground Venegence!"
―Daikon World's first words[src]

"The Zenkaigers! Well, only if it's only to you...."
―Daikon World's first words to the Zenkaigers[src]

"This isn't radish-ical at all!!!"
―Daikon World's final words before his initial demise[src]

Daikon World (ダイコンワルド Daikon Warudo, 37) is a winter radish-themed World from the Kikaitopia Dynasty Tojitendo who was created from the Daikon Tojiru Gear that contained Daikontopia. After his death, his Tojiru Gear lasted another life by reforming a New Kudaitest into Great Daikon World.

Character History

The Daikon World used this ability as fired grated daikons at the civilians resulting the abandoned objects to take they're vengeance on them. This commotion brought the attention of Magine (who was helping Yuna finding her lost doll, Mimi) and both Kaito and Vroon (who was return from Renaitopia to look for Mitsuko) as they transform and battle Daikon World. During the fight, Vroon has been affected by the grated daikons as the trash that he thrown started attacking him and Stacy opened fire at the duo prompting the Daikon World to make a getaway.

Later, Daikon World was under the bridge and he was surrounded by the Zenkaigers and Zocks as they transform and then the battle was on Daikon World calls in the Kudakks to help out in the fight against the Zenkaigers. During the battle, Magine used her magic on her Magine Stick causing it to fly around Daikon World prompting to fire one of his daikon slices this time at Yuna, and use this opportunity to get her Mimi doll back.

They manage to wipe the floor of the Kudakks leaving Daikon World left, but just then Hakaizer showed up alongside Stacy prompting both Zocks and Kaito to battle them while Juran and Gaon hold off the Daikon World. However, Daikon World used this ability again this time on both Gaon and Juran as a bunch of undead Kudakks started attacking Gaon and Juran, followed by the appearance of Kikaitopia. With a bit of help from Secchan, they used the Magiranger Sentai Gear as they summon a pair of MagiSticks to cast a spell promoting all of the undead Kudakks into Kudaiters which they appreciated so much that they are defeated. Once Kaito manages to tied Hakaizer onto a pole he brought out the Zenryoku Cannon and then destroyed the Daikon World with the Zenryoku Zenkai Finale Buster, thus reversing the spell and the Kikaitopia illusion.


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The original form of the World.


When the Kudakk was installed with a Tojiru Gear, it briefly transformed into a Kudaiter before becoming a World.

―Transformation announcement[src]

Daikon World

  • World: Daikontopia (ダイコントピア)

By using the Daikon Tojiru Gear, he changes into Daikon World (ダイコンワルド Daikon Warudo).

Powers and Abilities


  • World Creation: Upon the creation of the World Monster, Daikon World can alter the world to his own image.
  • Resentment Chaos (恨みの大混乱 Urami no Dai Konran): Daikon World is able to shoot Grated Daikon from his head, which cause the victims hit by it to be attacked by objects that they have abandoned.
  • Kudakk Summoning: Daikon World was able to summon Kudakks to aid him in battle.


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  • Daikonbo (大棍棒 Daibonbō): A radish-styled club wielded by Daikon World.

Behind the Scenes


  • Daikon World is voiced by Hiroyuki Muraoka (村岡 弘之 Muraoka Hiroyuki), who is also the suit actor of Mechanic Officer Ijirude. Uniquely, Muraoka also suit acted as Daikon World in addition to voicing him.


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  • Daikon World is a rare example of a non-human sentai character to be voiced by the same person wearing the costume.


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