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Dai Sentai Goggle V (大戦隊ゴーグルファイブ Dai Sentai Gōguru Faibu)​, or Dai Sentai Goggle Five [1]​​, translated into English as Great Squadron Goggle Five, ​is a Japanese tokusatsu television series. It was the sixth entry in the Super Sentai franchise of tokusatsu programs produced by Toei. It was broadcast TV Asahi from February 6, 1982 to January 21, 1983, with a total of 50 episodes. Goggle V was dubbed in South Korea as Earth Task Force Goggle Five ( 지구특공대가 글파이브 Jiguteuggongdae Gageulpaibeu ).

The average ratings of the series was 12.3%.[2]


Ever since the ancient times, the Dark Science Empire Deathdark has always been lying in shadows, manipulating the progress of various sciences that usually led to destruction of many human lives, as well as being responsible of the collapse of various ancient civilizations. In the present time, Dr. Hideki Hongou, already aware of the existance of Deathdark, formed the Future Science Laboratory in order to one day counter the rise of Deathdark and teach the future about constructive and good science.

During one of his trips to Wolfborg Castle in Germany, Dr. Hongou was ambushed by Deathdark soldiers, with its leader, Führer Taboo, declaring that the time has come for Deathdark to launch its goal of world conquest. Hongou was fortunately near a passing- by word class explorer, Ken'ichi Akama. Once the assault ended, Hongou drafted Ken'ichi to become the first member of Great Squadron Goggle V and along with the already-formed Computer Boys And Girls, gathered four more individuals to complete the team . Thus their battle to fight evil by Deathdark began.

Once one of Deathdark's great generals Grand Marshall Deathmark arrived, the attacks by Deathdark became more intense, culminating in one of his plans to have one of his subordinates (Mazurka) successfully infiltrate the Future Science Laboratory and blew it up. Despite the destruction of their base, the Goggle V evacuated to a smaller scale base and launched a counterattack, which eventually defeated not only Deathdark, but also Führer Taboo and ended the threat of Deathdark forever.


Goggle V

Goggle V

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Color Name Actor
GoggleRed Kenichi Akama Ryouji Akagi
GoggleBlack Kanpei Kuroda Jyunichi Haruta
GoggleBlue Saburo Aoyama Shigeki Ishii
GoggleYellow Futoshi Kijima Sanpei Godai
GogglePink Miki Momozono Megumi Ogawa

Future Science Foundation

Other Allies

Transformed Papa Tadao Takayama
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Dark Science Empire Deathdark

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Transformation Devices


Individual Weapons

  • Red Rope
    • Red Ruby Whip
  • Black Clubs
    • Black Emerald Nunchaku
  • Iron Arm
  • Blue Ring
    • Blue Sapphire Jet Ring
  • Yellow Ball
    • Yellow Opal Megaton Ball
  • Yellow Hammer
  • Pink Ribbon
    • Pink Dia Baton
  • Pink Mirror



Goggle Machines System

Legend: 2-person mecha, ◆ 1-person mecha, ➲ carrier mecha


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  1. Ep. 1: The Invasion of Dark Science (暗黒科学の来襲 Ankoku Kagaku no Raishū)
  2. Ep. 2: Rise up! Warriors of the Future (起て! 未来の戦士 Tate! Mirai no Senshi)
  3. Ep. 3: Attack Deathtopia (デストピアを撃て Desutopia o Ute)
  4. Ep. 4: Swelling Dark Land Mines (ムクムク暗黒地雷 Mukumuku Ankoku Jirai)
  5. Ep. 5: The Legend Where a Devil Lurks (悪魔がひそむ昔話 Akuma ga Hisomu Mukashibanashi)
  6. Ep. 6: The Love of a Villainous Wrestler (悪役レスラーの愛 Akuyaku Resurā no Ai)
  7. Ep. 7: Papa is Turned into a Ghost (幽霊になったパパ Yūrei ni Natta Papa)
  8. Ep. 8: The Targeted Beautiful Professor (狙われた美人博士 Nerawareta Bijin Hakase)
  9. Ep. 9: The Village of the Hell Mushroom (地獄のキノコ村 Jigoku no Kinoko Mura)
  10. Ep. 10: The Secret of a Rare Pomato (珍種ポマトの秘密 Chinshu Pomato no Himitsu)
  11. Ep. 11: The Terrifying Magma Strategy (恐怖のマグマ作戦 Kyōfu no Maguma Sakusen)
  12. Ep. 12: The Sandpit Which Emerged from a Lie (嘘から出た砂地獄 Uso Kara Deta Suna Jigoku)
  13. Ep. 13: The Greatly Riotous Underground Catfish (大暴れ地底ナマズ Dai Abare Chitei Namazu)
  14. Ep. 14: It's Serious! The Earth is Sinking (大変だ! 地球沈没 Taihen Da! Chikyū Chinbotsu)
  15. Ep. 15: The Revived Demonic Commander-in-Chief (甦る悪魔の大元帥 Yomigaeru Akuma no Daigensui)
  16. Ep. 16: Red! Close Call (レッド! 危機一髪 Reddo! Kikiippatsu)
  17. Ep. 17: The Tears of the Kappa Boy (カッパ少年の涙 Kappa Shōnen no Namida)
  18. Ep. 18: The Day the Adults Disappeared (大人が消える日 Otona ga Kieru Hi)
  19. Ep. 19: The Secret of the Haunted House (お化け屋敷の秘密 Obakeyashiki no Himitsu)
  20. Ep. 20: The Flower of Death: Poison Cactus (死の花毒サボテン Shi no Hana Doku Saboten)
  21. Ep. 21: Fear! The Fish are Fossilizing (恐怖!魚が化石に Kyōfu! Sakana ga Kaseki ni)
  22. Ep. 22: Attack of the Cursed Dolls! (呪い人形の攻撃! Noroi Ningyō no Kōgeki!)
  23. Ep. 23: The Great Soap Bubble Plan (シャボン玉大作戦 Shabondama Dai Sakusen)
  24. Ep. 24: Defeat the Unseen Enemy (見えない敵を倒せ Mienai Teki o Taose)
  25. Ep. 25: The Dinosaur is the Messenger of the Devil (恐竜は悪魔の使者 Kyōryū wa Akuma no Shisha)
  26. Ep. 26: Black! Great Reversal (ブラック! 大逆転 Burakku! Dai Gyakuten)
  27. Ep. 27: The Human Jungle! (人間ジャングル! Ningen Janguru)
  28. Ep. 28: The Revived Dead Mozoos (甦った亡霊モズー Yomigaetta Bōrei Mozū)
  29. Ep. 29: Terror of the Sleeping Quarter (眠りの街の恐怖 Nemuri no Gai no Kyōfu)
  30. Ep. 30: The Golden Demon Sword of Inawashiro (猪苗代の黄金魔剣 Inawashiro no Ōgon Ma Ken)
  31. Ep. 31: Blue! Great Assault! (ブルー! 大突撃! Burū! Dai Totsugeki!)
  32. Ep. 32: Startling Boneless Humans (ドキッ骨ぬき人間 Dokihhone-nuki Ningen)
  33. Ep. 33: Great Explosion of Caesar?! (シーザー大爆破?! Shīzā Dai Bakuha?!)
  34. Ep. 34: It Came Forth! Golden Finishing Move (出た! 黄金必殺技 Deta! Ōgon Hissatsu-waza)
  35. Ep. 35: Attack of the Iron-Eating Humans (鉄喰い人間の襲撃 Tetsu-kui Ningen no Shūgeki)
  36. Ep. 36: Shoot-Out! 0.3 Seconds! (決闘! 0・3秒! Kettō! 0.3byō!)
  37. Ep. 37: Attack the Mysterious Bomber (謎の爆撃機を撃て Nazo no Bakugekiki o Ute)
  38. Ep. 38: The Attack of Friendship! (友情のアタック! Yūjō no Atakku!)
  39. Ep. 39: The Demonic Man-Eating Picture Books (悪魔の人食い絵本 Akuma no Hitokui Ehon)
  40. Ep. 40: The Secret Base is in Danger (秘密基地が危ない Himitsu Kichi ga Abunai)
  41. Ep. 41: The Great Adventure of a Transformed Papa (変身パパの大冒険 Henshin Papa no Daibōken)
  42. Ep. 42: Assassination! The Snare of the Scorpion (暗殺! サソリの罠 Ansatsu! Sasori no Wana)
  43. Ep. 43: Fight to the Death! The Koban Struggle (死闘! 小判争奪戦 Shitō! Koban Sōdatsusen)
  44. Ep. 44: Oh! Food Turns into Sand (あ! 食べ物が砂に A! Tabemono ga Suna ni)
  45. Ep. 45: Two Blacks! (二人のブラック! Futari no Burakku!)
  46. Ep. 46: Super Energy Arrival (超エネルギー出現 Chō Enerugī Shutsugen)
  47. Ep. 47: This is the Ultimate Weapon (これが最終兵器だ Kore ga Saishū Heiki Da)
  48. Ep. 48: The Last Day of the Secret Base (秘密基地最後の日 Himitsu Kichi Saigo no Hi)
  49. Ep. 49: Shogun! The Final Challenge (将軍! 最後の挑戦 Shōgun! Saigo no Chōsen)
  50. Final Ep.: Proceed! To the Shining Future (進め! 輝く未来へ Susume! Kagayaku Mirai e)


  1. Dai Sentai Goggle V: The Movie


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Opening theme
Ending theme
Mecha theme
Insert themes
  • "Electric Magic Comboy" (エレクトリック・マジックコンボイ Erekutorikku majikku konboi)
    • Artists: Yoshimi Arakura (新倉 よしみ Arakura Yoshimi) & Columbia Yurikago-Kai (コロムビアゆりかご会)


Suit actors

Stage Shows


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  • Goggle V introduces the first Black Ranger in Sentai.
  • Goggle V was the first series to have the title announced at the beginning of the opening credits.
  • Though not the first season to have three kanji in the season name rather than the typical four, it is the first one with three kanji where the last two form "sentai" like normal.
  • Although Goggle V is mostly science-based, it has been constantly been referred as a rhythmic gymnastic team due to how their weapons looked, however the only gymnast in the team is Miki Momozono.
  • This series was originally considered to be called GoGo-V, and later Mirai Sentai Miraiman, but eventually became Goggle V. The first name was reused 17 years later, while part of the second name was reused in the series after that.[3]
  • Masakazu Katsura's Weekly Shonen Jump manga Wingman referred to this series a few times with the main character influenced by Goggle V to become a sentai-like hero, even taking a rhythm gymnastics class in order to train to fight evil.
  • During the opening credits for Season 7-9 for the US Series The Facts of Life, a blow-up doll of GoggleRed can be seen in the background for their store 'Over Our Heads'.
  • Goggle V holds a TV show rating of 12.3%. [1]
  • Goggle V is the last Sentai season where the Rangers wear suits made out of cloth with scarves.
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