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"Kansei! Don Onitaijin! Yo! Ginga-ichi![1]"
―Combination announcement in the DonBlaster[src]

Dai Gattai Don Onitaijin (大合体ドンオニタイジン Dai Gattai Don'Onitaijin, "Great Combination Don Oni-Exterminating God") is the main Giant Robo of the Donbrothers in Avataro Sentai Donbrothers.[2][3]


The combined form of the core Donbrothers in their Robotaro forms, Don Onitaijin is unique in being able to alter its size from average human height to towering mecha height. The mecha is controlled mostly by Don Momotaro, while the other four can take control from their respective components. Don Onitaijin is armed with the Kiji Swords (キジソード Kiji Sōdo), which are stored on the back Sashimono-style, and the black gunbai-based Donbai (ドンばい) military fan. It is capable of moving at great speed despite its armored appearance, and utilize Kiji Brother Robotaro's wings mounted on the shoulders to achieve the power of flight. Some of its attacks include:

  • The Oni Kick (鬼キック Oni Kikku) rapid-fire kicks with the Oni Sister Robotaro right leg.
  • The Continuous Sky Monkey Strike (天空猿連撃 Tenkū Saru Rengeki) series of punches with the Saru Brother Robotaro's arms.
  • The Kiji Missile (キジミサイル Kiji Misairu) pheasant-style rockets fired from Kiji Brother Robotaro's beak.

Its finisher is the Matchless Peach: Donbro Paradise (一騎桃千・ドンブラパラダイス Ikkitōsen Donbura Paradaisu), where Don Onitaijin combines the Kiji Swords to enlarge them before generating six energy peaches that fuse to one on the Kiji Swords. The blade is then encased in pink flames before slicing the Hitotsuking in half upon its destruction.

According to Taro Momoi, the only downside of this mecha is that this formation weakens Taro in the brief moments after Don Onitaijin finishes a battle.

Appearances: Donbrothers Episode 12-14, 16-17


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Don Robotaro

Main article: Taro Momoi
"(triumphant traditional music) Don Robotaro! Hey yo! Sekai ichi!"
―Transformation announcement[src]

Don Robotaro (ドンロボタロウ DonRobotarō) is the Momotaro-based mecha form of Don Momotaro.[3] He forms the head, torso, and upper legs of Don Onitaijin.[4]

As Don Robotaro, Don Momotaro can propel himself forward or backward at high speeds with the kabuto booster on his back and the kamishimo-style breastplate. Wielding his ZanglaSword, Don Robotaro can generate slashes to form a dust tornado that can wipe out a group of Anoni. His finisher is the Lucid Peach: Avatar Photon Slash (心桃滅却・アバター光刃 Shintō Mekkyaku: Abatā Kōjin), where Don Robotaro does a supersonic jump into the air with his booster and uses his Sharp Acute Slash attack to destroy the Hitosuki.

Appearances: Donbrothers Episodes 9-14, 16-17

Saru Brother Robotaro

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"(triumphant traditional music) Saru Robotaro! Hey yo! Mukimuki!"
―Transformation announcement[src]

Saru Brother Robotaro (サルブラザーロボタロウ SaruBurazā Robotarō) is the gorilla-based mecha form of Saru Brother.[3] He forms the arms and torso plate of Don Onitaijin.[4]

As Saru Brother Robotaro, Saru Brother can generate seismic waves with his powerful arms, sending the Anoni flying into the air.

Appearances: Donbrothers Episodes 10-14, 16-17

Oni Sister Robotaro

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"(triumphant traditional music) Oni Robotaro! Hey yo! Oni ni kanabo!"
―Transformation announcement[src]

Oni Sister Robotaro (オニシスターロボタロウ OniShisutā Robotarō) is the oni-based mecha form of Oni Sister.[3] She forms the right lower leg of Don Onitaijin.[4]

As Oni Sister Robotaro, Oni Sister can fire the spikes on her armor and the kanabo at will against the Anoni or energize attacks with lightning energy. The shooting spikes on the kanabo can also act as guided firework missiles, locking onto a target and blasting them.

Appearances: Donbrothers Episodes 10-14, 16-17

Inu Brother Robotaro

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"(triumphant traditional music) Inu Robotaro! Hey yo! Wonderful!"
―Transformation announcement[src]

Inu Brother Robotaro (イヌブラザーロボタロウ InuBurazā Robotarō) is the dog-based mecha form of Inu Brother.[3] He forms the left lower leg of Don Onitaijin.[4]

As Inu Brother Robotaro, he can execute a spinning wheel attack against the Anoni.

Appearances: Donbrothers Episodes 10-14, 16-17

Kiji Brother Robotaro

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"(triumphant traditional music) Kiji Robotaro! Hey yo! Tricky!"
―Transformation announcement[src]

Kiji Brother Robotaro (キジブラザーロボタロウ KijiBurazā Robotarō) is the pheasant-based mecha form of Kiji Brother.[3] He forms the shoulder armor and Kiji Swords of Don Onitaijin.[4]

As Kiji Brother Robotaro, he can generate a cyclone dive-bomb attack by spinning his body against the Anoni.

Appearances: Donbrothers Episodes 10-14, 16-17

Behind the Scenes


Don Onitaijin's suit actor is Yohei Fujita (藤田 洋平 Fujita Yōhei) who also provided motion capture for Don ZenkaiOh.


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  • Don Onitaijin's name is a combination of Oni (鬼), Taiji (退治), and Jin (神).


  • Out of all the primary Sentai Team Robos, Don Onitaijin holds the record of taking the longest time to properly debut in its series.
  • Don Onitaijin is the first Sentai Team Robo that has both a human size and a mecha size form.
  • The boat that the Robotaro ride and the fortress they come to, as well as the boat for Don Onitaijin’s finisher, is a reference to the last leg of Momotaro’s journey. Momotaro and his allies went to the island of the oni for a final battle.



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