This article is about a/an villain organization from the Kamen Rider Series as seen in Super Sentai.

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Dai-Shocker is an organization led by Tsukasa Kadoya,, who became their Great Leader once more and resurrected the organization with the help of Doktor G in order to take down the Super Sentai teams and the Dai-Zangyack group led by Captain Marvelous. This version of the organization used the original Shocker's emblem and used a rebuilt Crisis Fortress as its main base. Doktor G gathered its members, and it's also acknowledged that many of its members were killed before, but were brought back to life.

Although apparently victorious in eliminating the Super Sentai, Tsukasa was infiltrating them to stop their own plans, resulting in the survival of all Super Sentai and Riders. Meanwhile various members of the organization itself were actually working alongside Dai-Zangyack, resulting in Doktor G taking control of the organization to wipe out both the Super Sentai and the Kamen Riders together while allying themselves with Dai-Zangyack. This version of the organization was destroyed alongside its chief commanders by the combined forces of the Super Sentai and Kamen Rider army.

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