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Kai is Witch Bandora's willful son and prince of the Fairy Tribe. A spoiled and unprecedented delinquent, Kai had little sense of right and wrong, carrying out cruel acts such as smashing dinosaur eggs. However, his attitude took its toll on him when a mother Tyrannosaurus caught him red-handed breaking her eggs and angrily chased him off a cliff. The death of her beloved son drove Bandora mad with grief, blaming the dinosaurs for the accident and vowed revenge. She sold her soul to Dai-Satan in exchange for great magical power which she used to wage war on the other tribes as well as the dinosaurs, driving them to the brink of extinction before finally being sealed by the Guardian Beasts.

170 million years later, Kai was resurrected by Dai Satan in order to be the main pilot of Dora Talos. Following Dai Satan's final defeat at the hands of Ultimate Daizyujin and the destruction of Dora Talos, Kai was mortally wounded and died in his mother's arms as Bandora's tears broke the spell Dai-Satan had placed on her.



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